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Acquanda Stanford , September 10th, 2020

If you missed the previous post, then I’m just sharing that we still have a ton of breastfeeding buttons left! We made them to celebrate breastfeeding and the…

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I did a thing (and it has to do with researching African American Breastfeeding in Mississippi)

Acquanda Stanford , December 18th, 2018

[Image]: My (fully loaded) car in front of the state sign. It reads: Welcome To Mississippi – Birthplace of America’s Music. I finally made it to Mississippi –…

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Breastfeeding Research in Mississippi

Acquanda Stanford , August 21st, 2018

I’ve had a ton of conversations about breastfeeding and PhD work with my life coach, friends and colleagues. After mulling over everything for some time I’m here, working…

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Black Breastfeeding in the Mississippi Delta

Acquanda Stanford , June 4th, 2017

  Back in March I took my general exams for graduate school and officially became a PhD Candidate! Make no … Continue reading →

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Measuring Black breastfeeding with a white stick?: Why I’m intentional in writing white women out!

Acquanda Stanford , May 11th, 2017

  I figured out what about Black breastfeeding, has been bugging me for so long. Well I recognized this before, … Continue reading →

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Is ‘Right Now’ just too soon to truly change breastfeeding culture?

Acquanda Stanford , May 4th, 2017

Over the past while I’ve really been thinking about what it means to truly change breastfeeding culture. More specifically, I’ve … Continue reading →

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Acquanda Stanford , December 29th, 2016

I have various things to consider when I share information on this blog — starting with my own history and … Continue reading →

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More Sharing African American #Midwife Stories, Part 2 in Jackson, MS

Acquanda Stanford , November 10th, 2016

I’ll be in Jackson, Mississippi next month giving a presentation during the More Sharing African American Midwife Stories. This is a … Continue reading →

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Just *how* did slavery impact Black women’s breastfeeding today?

Acquanda Stanford , September 30th, 2016

  A few years ago I wrote an article on here asking the question about the impact of slavery on … Continue reading →

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Uncovering Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy in Professional Breastfeeding Services: The Greater Complexities of IBCLCs

Acquanda Stanford , May 19th, 2016

Below is a paper that I just turned in and filed with my department. I had to submit a ‘research … Continue reading →

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‘Bronislaw’: The Anthropology of Black Breastfeeding in Mississippi

Acquanda Stanford , March 24th, 2016

A few months back, the editors of the new online magazine, Bronislaw (as in Malinowski, I think) asked me to … Continue reading →

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