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Zambia’s political crisis is not just about democracy

Vito Laterza , June 16th, 2017

Check out my latest piece on the ongoing Zambian political crisis, published today in Al Jazeera English. Here are some extracts: “[Zambia] is the world’s seventh largest copper…

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We are all Helen Zille. Or, why the West thinks that colonialism was not all bad

Vito Laterza , March 16th, 2017

Check out my latest piece in Africa Is A Country on South African prominent white politician Helen Zille’s tweets in defence of colonialism. I talk about southern African…

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United against Trump

Vito Laterza , January 23rd, 2017

The poor showing at Trump’s inauguration, and the massive turnout at the Women’s Marches, together with Trump’s popular vote defeat by nearly 3 million votes, prove that chasing…

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Dark days ahead for Zambian democracy

Vito Laterza , September 6th, 2016

In a controversial decision that left many shocked and confused, yesterday the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) judges ruled 3 to 2 that the opposition petition should be dismissed without…

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A left vision for basic income

Vito Laterza , June 4th, 2016

Today Swiss people are voting in a referendum that will determine whether to include a universal basic income in the federal constitution. The constitutional amendment proposes the institution of a…

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Student protests and the crisis of South African democracy

Vito Laterza , January 5th, 2016

#FeesMustFall protest in Pretoria, 23 October 2015. Photo: Paul Saad Click here for our analysis in the Boston Review of the 2015 student protests  in South Africa. We…

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My top 5 trends of 2015 – and some predictions for 2016

Vito Laterza , December 31st, 2015

With best wishes for a healthy and productive 2016! 1 – WHITE PRIVILEGE UNDER ATTACK Debates and struggles around race have taken centre-stage in 2015, with an intensity…

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