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Comparative Urbanism and who gets [funded to] compare

john hutnyk , May 30th, 2022

In the current conjuncture, with the increasingly complete capture of university research by corporate interests, only the alternative incorporation of research teams that start outside the universit…



john hutnyk , January 10th, 2022

Sir Fancis Drake – whose lucre profits helped Queen Elizabeth get out of debt and invest in the Levant and then the East India Company, from which in…


Opium and Political Economy in Bengal

john hutnyk , January 4th, 2022

On why I think Marx’s writing style is misrepresented by the all-too-dour and serious commentators on Capital – you know, the famous ones published by big presses or…


Two Robinsons, one more to come…

john hutnyk , November 26th, 2021

Robinsonades: pertaining to allegories from the East India Company in Ceylon and other islands, from Marxism to Post-structuralism, and in which, dear reader, a 300-year-old adventure book may…


Robinson on Con Dao

john hutnyk , November 5th, 2021

First 50 to click the url here get a free pdf – https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/0967828X.2021.1994353#.YYVKsbiYIYQ.linkedin


Talk at Cooch Behar

john hutnyk , October 2nd, 2020

GandhiMarx Cooch Behar pdf slides Youtube link https://youtu.be/eGl7CZvEC6c



john hutnyk , July 25th, 2020

Love these two: Jan Griffier after Francis Barlow, ‘A true representation of the Rhinocerus and Elephant lately brought from the East-Indies to London, drawn after the life, and…


Tipu’s Tiger should be Tipu’s – ship it back to the Bagh.

john hutnyk , February 22nd, 2020

  We should ask V&A head honcho Tristram Hunt if he plans to hand any of the booty back. The famous sepoy being eaten by a tiger should…

→Trinketization: answers to all questions about trinkets, and Capital.

The Fantasist of Calcutta has a plaque

john hutnyk , March 14th, 2019

Atrocities and alibi’s for dirty colonial deeds of the ‘robber baron’ Clive and his mates. Here is a plaque for John Zephania Holwell, who wrote his dramatically claustrophobic…


Multitude redux Empire: wrong way, don’t go back, we should leave too.

john hutnyk , November 26th, 2018

People got wishful thinking a lot, and I am always for breaking the borders, but as this can be read from afar, I reckon yes, but the prognosis…


The museum of vernacular regeneration

john hutnyk , November 24th, 2018

Read it here


Marx in Calcutta, 2018, CITY, Vol 22 (4); 490-509.

john hutnyk , October 4th, 2018

Marx in CalcuttaCITY2018 Just click on the page to read the whole thing.


Destruction of weavers

john hutnyk , July 11th, 2018

Their bones will, Marx says, end up bleached on the plains of Bihar. Here Ranajit Guha in 1956 examines how colonial policy and corporation demands destroy livelihoods and…


Smuggling – of tea to Scotland?

john hutnyk , March 29th, 2018

The Commission of Customs Scotland to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, reporting on the subject of trade with India, in 1812, examined Earl, Osborne and Ferrier (traders)…


Opium not as interesting as money for the parliament, even as…

john hutnyk , March 28th, 2018

Reading various Blue Books and the like, parliamentary reports. This one on the East India Company struck me as typical, though the clipped coins distraction is of course…


Restored 18th century Danish tavern to be inaugurated today

john hutnyk , February 28th, 2018

[JH comment: now if you were plying the illicit opium trade on behalf of dodgy East India Company officials, you’d also need to stop by the Tavern and…


Radiating Globality: Old Histories and New Geographies

john hutnyk , February 18th, 2016

Draft programme International CONFERENCE « RADIATING GLOBALITY / OLD HISTORIES AND NEW GEOGRAPHIES » 20-21 February 2016 Salle Viseoconférence UCAD 2, Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar, Senegal **************   …