The antropologi.info anthropology newspaper displays short excerpts from the most recent blog posts in social and cultural anthropology in both English, German, and some Scandinavian languages. More languages might follow. The feeds are updated every 2-4 hours.

If blogs are missing, please let me know, either via the comment field below or the contact form.

You can notified about new posts by subscribing to the RSS-feed https://feeds.antropologi.info/feed/. Each tag or category has its own feed, just add /feed to the category or tag URL. To subscribe to posts in the category English use https://feeds.antropologi.info/englisch/feed/ and to subscribe to posts with the tag Greece use https://feeds.antropologi.info/tag/Greece/feed/

The posts and its extracts are generated automatically via the the free and opensource feed aggregator FeedWordPress by Charles Johnson. The tags are the same as in the original blog post. The layout is based on the Pinboard theme by onedesigns.

The Anthropology Newspaper is part of the anthropology portal antropologi.info that has been online since 2004. It includes blogs in German, Norwegian, and English, furthermore an overview over Open Access Anthropology Journals and an Announcements Blog for Call for Papers, upcoming conferences etc.

Antropologi.info is edited by me, Lorenz Khazaleh

For an even bigger overview over anthropology blogs check the AnthroReport’s Anthropology Blogs 2017 post by LivingAnthropologically.

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