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194 – Christine Folch

Dominic and Cymene take a trip down MTV memory lane to the romantic 1990s on this week’s podcast. Then (16:00) we welcome …

→CENHS @ Rice!

I am not a slave

I am not a slave. I am not a trafficking “survivor” or a victim. I’m among the most marginalized and dehumanized persons …

→Public Anthropologist

#Review: Queer Festivals

Konstantinos Eleftheriadis’s Queer Festivals: Challenging Collective Identities in a Transnational Europe is a much needed and welcome addition to a small but …


Do You Dream What I Dream?

Anthropologist Roger Lohmann sees a ghost in a dream while working in Papua New Guinea. Even though he knows it’s just a …


The Sargassum Question

Close-up of sargasso, Puerto Morelos, 2019. Photo by the author. Sitting in her office, I could smell the sharp scent of hydrogen …


Cóc Linh Tuệ Giác

Cỏc Linh Tuệ Giác = something like the image of the Holy Toad in culture and history. Going to read this cultural …