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Het doodlopend pad naar de brede avenue: Lithium in Bolivia

standplaatswereld , May 26th, 2022

Door Ton Salman  Je kunt de patstelling op meerdere manieren formuleren: je bent een land met een lange en wrange geschiedenis van plundering van je rijke natuurlijke hulpbronnen,…

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Entering the World of Fieldwork: first experiences at the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam

standplaatswereld , May 2nd, 2022

By Zoë Oosterveld Entering the field The first day in the field was nerve-wracking for me. Firstly, because this was my first time ever doing official fieldwork. Secondly,…

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Who needs shopping malls?

standplaatswereld , April 22nd, 2022

By Ton Salman There are markets. There are big markets. And there is the superlative degree of market. Arguably, that is the Feria de 16 de julio, in…

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Ethnographic Monographs – or now for something else?

standplaatswereld , April 18th, 2022

By Herbert Ploegman; Didi Boldewijn, Maya Roettger and Lorenzo Horwitz; Alice Riva, Claudia Rapisarda, Elisabeth Jongmans and Jasper Schotte; Ashley Prather and Maira van Emden Two crumpled up…

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Rituals to help us out, and beliefs one professes tongue in cheek – Part II

standplaatswereld , April 13th, 2022

By Ton Salman This is part II of the blog “Rituals to help us out….” If you have not yet read part I, you can read it here….

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The meaning of crisis: reflections on doing fieldwork in Lebanon

standplaatswereld , April 10th, 2022

By Viviane Hamans Almost anyone who has been ‘in the field’, will confirm that at some point, crisis is part of the process. The amounts of time that…

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Why the world needs anthropology of religion

standplaatswereld , April 6th, 2022

by Thijl Sunier According to Dutch media, the Netherlands has reached a milestone these days. For the first time in history, the country has a majority of inhabitants…

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The flea, the canyon, and racism: Reflections on outrage

standplaatswereld , March 29th, 2022

By Benjamin Koponen On January 22nd, 2022, an elderly white woman punched me in the arm while I, a black man,  was biking to help a friend paint…

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Rituals to help us out, and beliefs one professes tongue in cheek – Part I

standplaatswereld , March 18th, 2022

By Ton Salman People celebrate, joke and banter. Hunger, disaster, conflict, violence, repression, all ruin people’s lives and cause enormous pain. But people will not cease to honor…

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Vegan in Buenos Aires

standplaatswereld , March 11th, 2022

Bondiola, matambre, chinchulines, choripan en milenasa napolitana zijn slechts een paar voorbeelden van de enorme keur aan vlees en worst in Argentinië. Vaak vergeten we de stapels pizza’s,…

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Loneliness and Despair in the Field: Revisiting my First Fieldwork

standplaatswereld , March 8th, 2022

By Marina de Regt. Recently, during a supervision meeting with three of my Master students (all of them women), one of them asked about my own experiences in…

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Een mens heeft het recht van gedachten te veranderen

standplaatswereld , February 18th, 2022

door Vivian Mac Gillavry In december 2021 zag ik dat een artikel van mij uit 2013 in de “Top Posts” stond, acht jaar na dato. Ik vroeg de…

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Gotong Royong: a recent flood and strong leadership strengthen a system of solidarity in Lombok

standplaatswereld , February 16th, 2022

By Jop Koopman On the 6th of December 2021, a massive flood happened in the area of Gunungsari in West Lombok. Floods are not rare in the rainy…

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Can it get worse? Yemen under attack again

Van VMBO-kader naar een master Antropologie: Het verhaal van Rayn Ramkishun

standplaatswereld , January 17th, 2022

Door Zoë Tjon A Ten. “Geinig, ik zal nooit weten wat die mensen hier doen, waar ze zich mee bezig houden, wat hun interesses zijn, hoe ze praten…

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End of the year

standplaatswereld , December 31st, 2021

It has been 70 years since a life-size Father Christmas doll was burned in Dijon in protest against the “paganization” of Christmas. A year later, Claude Lévi-Strauss published…

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Unsung Heroes: Jakarta’s Waste Picker Women and Their Unpaid Care Work

standplaatswereld , December 15th, 2021

by Rachma L Putri “I think, as long as I remember, I never felt happy about my life. There is always too much burden in my life” said…

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Before you ‘Just Eat’

standplaatswereld , December 13th, 2021

By Qusai Khwes I opened my eyes; waking up to my back hurting a bit, and my feet a lot.  The day before, I spent more than fifteen…

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Positioning your position

standplaatswereld , December 2nd, 2021

In the picture above, you see me reading along with Hebrew psalms and prayers during a synagogue (shul) service on simchat torah. Simchat torah is a festive day…

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The black jaguar and the guardian of the forest

standplaatswereld , November 24th, 2021

By Maycon Melo and Barbara Arisi In Brazil, a group of hunters killed a black jaguar. Not satisfied with the crime of killing an endangered animal, they made a video…

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My journey in applied anthropology

standplaatswereld , November 5th, 2021

From a graduate who thought it was a great idea to study cultural anthropology during an economic crisis to any anthropology student freaking out and wondering ‘…what’s next!?!’ By…

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“Take your skills to the streets”: Skateboarding and Social and Physical Urban Space

standplaatswereld , October 6th, 2021

by Luiza Fonini Reis and Luisa Voss / Images: Ella Bowler Anthropology is the study of intersections, of community and its inherent conflict between the self and the…

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Summer break!

standplaatswereld , July 30th, 2021

This past academic year we have continued with our regular content featuring anthropological analyses of current events (the pandemic and the assassination of Peter R. de Vries, for…

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Het ontstaan van een nationale held

standplaatswereld , July 15th, 2021

Door Irene Stengs Op plekken waar mensen op een dramatische manier om het leven zijn gekomen ontstaat de laatste decennia vaak een tijdelijk monument bestaande uit bloemen, kaarsen,…

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