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The DecanoniZine

Authors: Andie Thompson, Ali Lape, Rene Burk, Mariana Ribeiro, Nadia English-Williams, Ana Carolina de Assis Nunes, Erin Peiffer, and Makaela O’Rourke. [Footnotes …


Sorry, We’re Closed

The Delmar Loop, a stretch of what was once racialized as the “Delmar Divide” for the way it separates St. Louis’ population, …


A Bibliography of Trash Animals

Gulls. Pigeons. Rats. Lice. These ‘trash animals’ live alongside waste, filth, ruination and decay. Attitudes, behaviour and infrastructure aimed at dealing with …

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Footnotes, Funding, Futures

Dear Friends of Footnotes, In a few months, Footnotes will celebrate its second anniversary, and we’ve been through a lot in the …


The Dirt

Discard studies is an emerging field that takes systems of waste and wasting as its topic of study, including but beyond conventional …

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