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Review: Farms to Incubators

foodanthro , June 14th, 2022

Wu, Amy (2021) Farms to Incubators. Women Innovators Revolutionizing How Our Food is Grown. Fresno, California: Craven Street Books. Ellen Messer (Tufts University) This book, like the docum…


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in Epistemologies – The Line Between Bodies and Ideas?

Nathan Klembara , May 31st, 2022

This browser does not support HTML5 audio Listen to an audio recording of this piece read by Nathan Klembara A recent trend in the sciences is the attem…


Biological Science Rejects the Sex Binary, and That’s Good for Humanity

Agustin Fuentes , May 11th, 2022

Despite myths of “pink” brains and “blue” brains, human brains are mosaics of what have stereotypically been characterized as male and female traits. CSA-Printstock/Getty Images At the re…


Busting Myths About Sex and Gender

Agustin Fuentes , May 11th, 2022

The belief that males are aggressive while females are nurturing is a dangerous myth. Evgeny Tchebotarev/Pexels Excerpted from the second edition of Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They…


Impossible Choices at the Crossroads of Motherhood and Fieldwork

Jamie Hodgkins and Jessica Thompson , May 5th, 2022

Co-author Jamie Hodgkins holds her daughter as she co-directs the excavations at the Arma Veirana site in northwestern Italy. Fabio Negrino/University of Genoa Many women* in science who…


Sarah Hillewaert on her book, Morality on the Margins

| , May 2nd, 2022

Interview by Kamala Russell Morality at the Margins: Youth, Language, and Islam in Coastal Kenya Interview by Kamala Russell Morality at the Margins: Youth, Language, and Islam in…

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Review: Intimate Eating

dsutton20 , April 29th, 2022

Anita Mannur Intimate Eating: Racialized Spaces and Radical Futures. Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2022. 180 pp. ISBN 9781478017820 Fabio Parasecoli (New York University) What d…


Susan Paulson: Gender-aware care in pandemic and postgrowth worlds

focaal_admin , April 26th, 2022

Coronavirus has provoked some of us to think about our worlds in new ways and to consider different horizons of change. Yet in many pandemic-related discourses and policies,…


Ethnographic Monographs – or now for something else?

standplaatswereld , April 18th, 2022

By Herbert Ploegman; Didi Boldewijn, Maya Roettger and Lorenzo Horwitz; Alice Riva, Claudia Rapisarda, Elisabeth Jongmans and Jasper Schotte; Ashley Prather and Maira van Emden Two crumpled up…

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Race, Security, and the Contradictions of Humanitarianism

Young-sun Hong , April 11th, 2022

In this webinar series, we explore the relationship between mobility and humanitarianism in the course of four episodes. We – this is Till Mostowlansky, an anthropologist at The…

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Two Pioneering Female Archaeologists

Stephen E. Nash , March 23rd, 2022

Precocious. Prolific. Audacious. Magnanimous. Each of these terms describes archaeologist Hannah Marie Wormington and her protégé Cynthia Irwin-Williams.* As pioneering female archaeologists in an are…


Loneliness and Despair in the Field: Revisiting my First Fieldwork

standplaatswereld , March 8th, 2022

By Marina de Regt. Recently, during a supervision meeting with three of my Master students (all of them women), one of them asked about my own experiences in…

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#MeToo Anthropology and the Case Against Harvard

Holly Walters , March 3rd, 2022

On February 4, The Harvard Crimson broke the news of an open letter, signed by 38 faculty members, in support of John Comaroff. This prominent professor of anthropology…


Review: Cheffes de Cuisine

dsutton20 , March 1st, 2022

Rachel E. Black, Cheffes de Cuisine: Women and Work in the Professional French Kitchen. University of Illinois Press, 2021. ISBN: 978-0-252-04400-7 (hbk); ISBN: 978-0-252-08605-2 (pbk); ISBN: 978…


What’s the Appeal of Deep Voices in Men?

Marta Zaraska , February 14th, 2022

Deep voices, like singer Barry White’s bass-baritone, are seen as appealing across a variety of cultures and sexual identities. POP-EYE/ullstein bild/Getty Images For many people, Barry W…


Egyptology Has a Problem: Patriarchy

Kara Cooney , February 1st, 2022

Ramses II built many temples to his own divinity, like the Ramesseum in Luxor, originally called the Temple of Millions of Years to imply his reign would never…


What Egyptian Pharaohs Can Tell Us About Modern Tyrants

Kara Cooney , February 1st, 2022

Using religion to justify his rule, King Taharqa is shown nestled protectively between the legs of the god Amen in his animal form, implying the king knew the…


Van VMBO-kader naar een master Antropologie: Het verhaal van Rayn Ramkishun

standplaatswereld , January 17th, 2022

Door Zoë Tjon A Ten. “Geinig, ik zal nooit weten wat die mensen hier doen, waar ze zich mee bezig houden, wat hun interesses zijn, hoe ze praten…

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Viktoria Weber über Geschlechterrollen im Wandel

Blog des Institut für Europäische Ethnologie , January 10th, 2022

Geschätzte Lesedauer: 2 Minuten Interview mit BA Absolventin Viktoria Weber über die Rolle(n) von Frauen in sozialistischen Theorien, im Realsozialismus der UdSSR wie im postsozialistischen Erinnerung…

→Blog des Institut für Europäische Ethnologie

Chris Knight: Wrong About (Almost) Everything

focaal_admin , December 22nd, 2021

A review article on The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity, by David Graeber and David Wengrow. Allen Lane, 2021. The Dawn of Everything’s central idea…


Unsung Heroes: Jakarta’s Waste Picker Women and Their Unpaid Care Work

standplaatswereld , December 15th, 2021

by Rachma L Putri “I think, as long as I remember, I never felt happy about my life. There is always too much burden in my life” said…

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Head of a Maiden

Caroline Giles Banks , December 10th, 2021

My poem “Head of a Maiden” is my response to the recent New York Times article “Looking for a Stolen Idol? Visit the Museum of the Manhattan D.A.”…


Das bleibt in der Familie? Wie sich Familienkonzepte auf dem Spielfeld Hinterlassenschaft begegnen

Blog des Institut für Europäische Ethnologie , November 22nd, 2021

Geschätzte Lesedauer: 12 Minuten Foto von Crew auf Unsplash Ein Beitrag von Isabella Hesse Unsichtbar, doch nicht zu übersehen „After he passed away… in the apartment there where…

→Blog des Institut für Europäische Ethnologie

Über den eigenen Körper bestimmen: eine Frage der Menschenrechte

Jule Govrin , November 17th, 2021

Der Rücktritt von Kathleen Stock wird derzeit hitzig diskutiert. Nach Protesten gegen ihre transfeindlichen Äußerungen hat sie ihre Professur niedergelegt. Entgegen aller Cancel Culture-Rufe geht es w…

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