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Ethnographic Film at the Crossroads

Ethnographic film is blooming Ethnographic film, however loosely defined, is blooming. While to track and map the entire production of ethnographic film …


My Divine Pet Rock

Amusing anecdotes about fieldwork were, from what I could tell, basic currency throughout university halls, on conference panels, and in graduate student …

→The Familiar Strange

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Me

In the depths of the Depression, two girls were born to Jewish parents in New York City. One, in 1933, was Ruth …


On Gutters and Ethnography

In a departure from more conventional communication methods in academia, I’m exploring how comics–a medium I love to read and am learning …


Ed Bruner: In Memoriam

August 8, 2020 Ed Bruner at his home in Illinois (2005) Ed Bruner passed away yesterday, at 95–peacefully, at home. I wish …

→Alma Gottlieb