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Anya Peterson Royce reflects on her career

| , November 22nd, 2021

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I am turning your question around because I have had two professions each of which I have…

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In ajíp an chemélon: la fiesta de los muertos

anthropologies , November 16th, 2021

Read Time:11 Minute, 6 Second El 7 de noviembre de 2003 la UNESCO declara el Día de Muertos en México como patrimonio inmaterial de…


In the Journals – Militarization

allisontedesco , April 6th, 2021

Officers wearing a traditional late 1960s uniform (left) and a new demilitarized uniform featuring a blazer (right), Riverside County Sheriff, 1969 by Stuart Schrader via Journal of Urban…


The ‘chronic’ lives of failing organs: afflictions of ambivalent care in Mexico by Ciara Kierans

Ciara Kierans , March 11th, 2021

Life has always been difficult, Maria del Rosario told me, but she coped. That was before all the sickness. When her mother’s kidneys began to fail, she felt…


Envisioning a Different Park: Border Walls, Transborder Ties, and Militarized Ecologies

Manuel G. Galaviz , February 11th, 2021

When news broke out on January 20th, 2021, that newly inaugurated President Joe Biden signed a proclamation ending Trump’s Executive Order 9844, which declared a national emergency at…


In the Journals – Policing Migration

allisontedesco , January 25th, 2021

A Macedonian police officer raises his baton toward migrants by Freedom House via creativecommons Welcome back to In the Journals! This ongoing series aims to bridge conversations that…


People of the Bean

Chelsea Horton , January 8th, 2021

An heirloom bean club brings culinary community and diverse foodways to its legume lovers’ doors. Alubia Blanca, Good Mother Stallard, Vaquero, Eye of the Goat. Four times a…

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Escape, Exposure, and Life on the Pacific Crest Trail

Emily Chambers , December 11th, 2020

An act of walking into the wilderness implies an act of walking out of somewhere or something. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which extends over the US states…


Christine Wilson 2020 Undergraduate Award Winner!

foodanthro , December 8th, 2020

SAFN is happy to announce that the winner of the 2020 Christine Wilson Award for an Undergraduate Student is Adele Woodmansee of Harvard University for her paper “’It…


Cantar en mexicano es conectarme con mis abuelos y mis antepasados

anthropologies , November 27th, 2020

Los movimientos migratorios dan como resultado una mezcla de personas, con formas de vida diferentes. Las migraciones del campo a la ciudad han llevado a cientos de jóvenes…


Connectedness in a Time of Pandemic

Roberto J. González , October 22nd, 2020

Right now, many of us are reevaluating what it means to be connected. In the United States, we often think of connectivity as having wireless broadband service, or…


Mi lengua, mi origen

anthropologies , October 8th, 2020

Si bien en los países desarrollados, la migración del campo a la ciudad ha terminado, en los países en vías de desarrollo la migración campo- ciudad sigue dándose….


Ruben Enrique Campos III takes the page 99 test

| , September 28th, 2020

Destiny again. It had to be El Legendario Bombay. It had to be page 99. Upon entering, I immediately saw why the place was called legendary. It oozed…

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How the Zapotec Are Fighting COVID-19

Jeffrey H. Cohen , September 22nd, 2020

Some Indigenous Mexican communities protect themselves against the novel coronavirus by using age-old practices. zug zwang/Flickr This article was originally published at The Conversat…


Roberto J. González on his book, Connected

| , August 10th, 2020

Interview by Patricia G. Lange https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520344211/connected Patricia G. Lange: According to your book, the people of the remote community of Talea in Oaxaca, Mexico have a say…

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Octubre con sabor a mandarina y olor a flor de muerto

anthropologies , August 5th, 2020

En la comunidad campesina de Zaragoza, Naranjos (México), la vida sigue marcada por las festividades. Apenas empieza el año, la vida de las personas en la comunidad van…


Blurred lines and dead chooks in fieldwork

The Familiar Strange , August 2nd, 2020

My own fieldwork experience, like many others, demonstrates a blurring in what is ‘professional’ and ‘personal’, what is ‘leisure’ and ‘work’, whether you are researcher, student, or known…

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Surveillant Materialities of Migrant (Im)mobility: Reconceptualizing Border Technologies

Lupe Flores , July 28th, 2020

After lunch on the day I arrived at Casa Begoña Migrant Shelter in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, México, Doña Paquita, a shelter director, came to fetch me from the comedor,…


Mixed Messages: COVID-19, a Cartoon Heroine, and Violence Against Women in Mexico (#WitnessingCorona)

Jenny Rosenberg , July 6th, 2020

Hide Press Release (4 Less Words) Catherine J. Letcher Lazo   One of the gendered impacts of COVID-19 is the surge of violence against women and girls (VAWG)…


Raúl Acosta: Navigating promises and good intentions: technomorality and scepticism among peripheral cycloactivists in Mexico City

focaal_admin , July 1st, 2020

Raúl Acosta, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich  On April 4, 2019, Pedro cycled for over an hour to get to our meeting with Mexico City’s Security Minister. …


Honey, let we tell you! A speculative trans-species storytelling of the Maya Forest borderlands

Micha Rahder , May 26th, 2020

Note: This is a piece of speculative fiction inspired by an Ursula K. Le Guin story. While, sadly, the ability to read complex bee texts is not “real,”…


“La gente tiene que comer”: Food and COVID-19

foodanthro , May 13th, 2020

Lisa Grabinsky Oregon State University “La gente tiene que comer.” (“People have to eat”), my mother replied when I decided to study Nutrition and Food Science, believing that…


In The Midst Of COVID 19, The Search For The Missing In Mexico Continues

Rebecca_Irons , May 5th, 2020

CAMILA RUIZ SEGOVIA Night had fallen at the coastal state of Veracruz, Mexico, when a group of men kidnapped Luis Guillermo, 29. He was an independent businessman by…

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2009 Mexico Swine Flu – 2020 Italy Covid19: How I Experienced A Double Quarantine

Rebecca_Irons , April 12th, 2020

SARA SALVATORI In this article, I will briefly describe my experiences during the two pandemics, swine flu and COVID-19,          when I accidentally l…

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