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Qatar and the World Cup – Questions and Answers

Joel Abdelmoez , May 24th, 2022

A while ago, a Swedish reporter asked me to answer a few questions about Qatar and the World Cup. The segment eventually got cut, but since I had…


The Moral Economy of the English Football Fan in the Twenty-first Century

The Familiar Strange , May 9th, 2021

In late April of this year, it was announced that twelve of the wealthiest and best supported teams from across Europe would be competing in a new competition…

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“From Zero to Hero”: The life of Sierra Leonean football players in Scandinavia, by Zora Šašková

Mats Utas , November 10th, 2019

Community league game in Lunsar, Port Loko District “Is Foday back home?” I asked Erik, a former Danish Superliga coach and owner of a second division club in…

→Mats Utas

Book Review: Female Football Players and Fans: Intruding into a Man’s World edited by Gertrud Pfister and Stacey Pope

Rose Deller , September 21st, 2018

In Female Football Players and Fans: Intruding into a Man’s World, editors Gertrud Pfister and Stacey Pope offers a collection that examines women’s experiences of playing and being fans of…

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For the Love of Football

Megan Raschig , August 21st, 2018

After sitting through exactly 70 minutes of meetings and film-watching, the players made their way out to the practice field by 8:30 a.m., equipped in pads and helmets….

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A Year of Two Elections

Peter Lockwood , November 27th, 2017

Victor flew into the tackle, blocking the opponent’s shot at goal. Shouts of praise went up from the fans and substitutes standing on the touch-line. “Sawa Victor!” (“Nice…


Italian Football Hooligans and Little Shoes

foodanthro , May 27th, 2016

Markus Bell In Italy, many working class men feel that the EU and the Italian government have abandoned them. In such desperate times, these men cling to each…


Unravelling Goliath

mstalcup , June 15th, 2015

The editors of Anthropoliteia welcome Christopher Gaffney with a commentary on the current crisis at FIFA and its implications “Unfair Players” Photo by Christopher Gaffney CC BY-NC-PSA 4….



Owen Wells , June 8th, 2015

Listening to consumers in order to ‘get closer’ and understand their needs is a common term that I hear within the worlds of branding, marketing and innovation. This…

→Dr. John Curran

BRAND WITCHCRAFT: How brand partnerships can be toxic

Owen Wells , April 23rd, 2015

A successful brand becomes part of the consumer’s culture and values, behaviour, attitudes and social identity. I recently spoke to the CMO of a well known global digital…

→Dr. John Curran

Foaming at the Mouth: World Cup, Ritual and Behaviour Change

Owen Wells , July 11th, 2014

Shared feelings and heavily ritualised behaviour commonly define football fans around the world. For decades anthropologists and sociologists have documented beautifully these aspects of fandom. And I…

→Dr. John Curran