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Purity, Danger, and Handwashing

The Familiar Strange , December 4th, 2022

Author: Michael Dunford is currently a PhD Candidate at the School of Culture History and Language. His research asks how how agrarian economies and agrarian ecologies intersect with…

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A Mass Shooting in the “Evangelical Vatican”

Emily Sekine , November 23rd, 2022

The recent violent attack on Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, happened in a place shaped by decades of anti-LGBTQ organizing by evangelical Christian groups. ✽…


Do Mountains Have Souls?

Marlaina Martin , November 15th, 2022

An anthropologist explores the resurgence of “new Animism”—interest in spiritual practices that recognize the interrelationships among animals, places, plants, and people. This article was originally…


In ajibal in chemélom ti bitxow tének. Fiesta de los muertos en un pueblo Huasteco

anthropologies , November 7th, 2022

Read Time:9 Minute, 58 Second En el oriente de México, los pueblos Tének que habitaban la sierra de Otontepec, veneraban a Dhipak, …


Elena Maria Reichl: End of Hell? Brazil’s Election and a Community Kitchen of the MTST

focaal_admin , November 2nd, 2022

On 30/10/2022, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula) of the Workers’ Party won an exceptionally close runoff election against the current far-right president of Brazil, Jair Messias Bolsonaro….


E. Moore Quinn on the edited volume Women and Pilgrimage

| , November 2nd, 2022

https://cabidigitallibrary.org/doi/book/10.1079/9781789249392.0000 It is interesting, and often useful, once a project has come to fruition (that is, seen the light of print), to breathe deepl…

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The Aztec Antichrist Chronicles Indigenous Resistance and Religious Conversion

Keridwen Cornelius , October 26th, 2022

An exceedingly rare notebook from 16th-century Mexico contains plays about the Antichrist told by the Aztecs’ descendants. An anthropologist recounts his rediscovery of the notebook and explains the…


Aztec Antichrist: A Performance of the Apocalypse

Keridwen Cornelius , October 26th, 2022

A 16th-century play written by the descendants of the Aztecs after the Spanish conquest dramatically reveals Indigenous people’s responses to their religious conversion. Excerpted from Aztec Antichri…


Centering the Voices of Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Emily Sekine , October 25th, 2022

In England and Wales, a multiyear investigation has uncovered decades of pervasive child sexual abuse in schools, churches, and other institutions. An anthropologist on the project weighs in…


What Cargo Cult Rituals Reveal About Human Nature

Emily Sekine , October 20th, 2022

In Melanesia, Indigenous communities developed elaborate rituals to bring themselves material wealth starting in the late 19th century. These practices reveal a profoundly important and universal soci…


Costumbres funerarias contemporáneas

anthropologies , September 14th, 2022

Read Time:4 Minute, 36 Second Si algo une a los seres humanos desde hace miles de años, es la necesidad de despedirnos de nuestros …


El sueño de Pippi Langstrump

anthropologies , September 8th, 2022

Read Time:4 Minute, 28 Second La madre de Pippi vivía en el cielo y observaba desde allí las andanzas de su hija. Poco más sabemos …


Valentina Napolitano & Kristin Norget: Pope Francis, Reconciliation, and the State

focaal_admin , August 12th, 2022

At the end of July, a remarkable event unfolded in three distinct but significant sites in Canada. Pope Francis, the Argentinian current supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic…


GURU PURNIMA – Associated Traditions and Gurus

Anthrophile , July 13th, 2022

    Today, on the occasion of Guru Purnima, I thought about shedding some light on the traditions which are associated with “Gurus”. To begin, Guru Purnima is traditionally…


The Collapse of the Canadian University and the Rise of the Church of Covid

Maximilian C. Forte , July 4th, 2022

February of 2022 was a particularly dark month, both in Quebec and in Canada generally. In Quebec, we had the expansion of the use of “vaccine passports” to…


Ranavalona I: la última reina de Madagascar

anthropologies , June 29th, 2022

Read Time:5 Minute, 42 Second “Está muerto y desaparecido. A su cabeza un césped verde hierba, a sus talones una piedra”  William…


The vital afterlife of Chernobyl cemeteries

Matteo Benussi , June 28th, 2022

Every year, after Easter, hundreds of families from all over Ukraine gather in the Chernobyl Zone of Alienation. People converge toward the now-deserted area to perform rites called…

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Difficult Truths: Confronting Irish Industrial Schools

SAPIENS , June 28th, 2022

This article was originally published at Otherwise magazine and has been republished with permission as a lightly edited excerpt. CONSTELLATIONS The 1918 Spanish flu altered the course of…


Difficult Truths: Confronting Irish Industrial Schools

Fiona Murphy , June 28th, 2022

[no-caption] Matt Anderson Photography/Getty Images This article was originally published at Otherwise magazine and has been republished with permission as a lightly edited excerpt. CONST…


When Nothing Fits

Annika Benz , June 8th, 2022

Disclaimer: All people mentioned were able to choose how they want to appear in this text. They chose to appear by their clear name and/or activist alias. They…

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Mythos, cosmología y oikonomia: apuntes para el análisis del (des)orden capitalista

anthropologies , May 9th, 2022

Read Time:12 Minute, 12 Second Todo sistema económico se sostiene en un sistema cosmológico: se articula sobre una cosmovisión que …


Nurturing Autism Acceptance in Indonesia

Annie Tucker and Robert Lemelson , April 28th, 2022

Idris (right), a teenager on the autism spectrum, visits a local mosque in Indonesia to pray with his father. Elemental Productions On a typical day, Wawan, a teenager…


Review: The Hungry Eye

dsutton20 , April 20th, 2022

Leonard Barkan.  The Hungry Eye: Eating, Drinking and European Culture from Rome to the Renaissance.  Princeton University Press.  Princeton, New Jersey. 2021.  pp. 326  ISBN:  9780691211466. …


A Trinket, a Trifle, and a Novel New Disciple: Fandoms and Consecrated Commodities

The Familiar Strange , April 10th, 2022

Religious commodification is an arena that has gained increasing interest among social scientists, especially where religious symbols and artefacts are being appropriated by both adherents and non-adh…

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