Author: Soham Govande

Examining the social determinants of global eye health: Sharing my story of vision care (pt. 3)

Soham Govande , July 7th, 2021

This post is part three. Read part one and two of this series. As Together We See (TWS) grew, our team conducted international vision screenings. In these programs,…

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Ripple effects of global warming and climate change on American public health disparities

Soham Govande , May 3rd, 2021

Climate change is one of humanity’s most pressing obstacles this century. With longer summers and shortening coastlines, environmental changes are well-documented by scientists. However, environmenta…

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Understanding the complex relationship between Indigenous peoples and biotechnology

Soham Govande , April 2nd, 2021

As biotechnology advances the horizons of human potential, our species has gained the power to manipulate life to its most fundamental building blocks. With this power comes a…

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Mass Incarceration and COVID-19: The intersection of American policy failures

Soham Govande , March 17th, 2021

Today, American prison systems stand at the intersection of multiple public health disasters. Mass incarceration has led to millions of people living in dismal, overcrowded arrangements — condi…

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A Mini-Ethnography: Social determinants of public health on the Texas-Mexico border

Soham Govande , February 18th, 2021

In early January, I traveled from the suburbs of Austin to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) as a student researcher to test an app that would expand the…

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Racial disparities in COVID-19 vaccinations demonstrate a biosocial impact

Soham Govande , February 16th, 2021

Eleven months: after the first SARS-CoV-2 case in December 2019, pharmaceutical research and development produced an effective vaccine in November 2020. The speed of this timeline is unmatched…

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How self-produced medicines have increased tribal agency and reduced health disparities in Thailand

Soham Govande , December 28th, 2020

Modern healthcare is fraught with inequality. The U.S. private system suffers from exorbitant treatment costs, turns a blind eye to chronic conditions, and reflects disparities by ethnicity and…

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The public health crisis on the Thailand-Myanmar border: Struggles of the Karen tribal peoples

Soham Govande , December 26th, 2020

“Anada1 was abandoned in the toilet pan at birth. Neighbors discovered her some hours later, and we took her to the hospital. The high level of infection caused…

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Investigating COVID-19 health disparities in Indigenous communities [Podcast]

Soham Govande , November 16th, 2020

Author’s note: At Anthro Analyst, we often analyze societal issues about public health from an anthropological perspective. In doing so, we try to provide unique insight into global…

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Having conversations about health: Public health disparities on the Pine Ridge Native reservation

Soham Govande , November 7th, 2020

Indigenous communities have suffered for centuries at the hands of colonialism, and their isolation on reservations has affected their health and well-being in a myriad of ways. In…

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How Columbus Day perpetuates a silent legacy of settler colonialism

Soham Govande , October 31st, 2020

Today’s movement advancing racial justice and social equality has led many to ponder America’s colonial history as well. Tangible artifacts of settler colonialism present themselves all around us,…

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Culture’s effect on well-being: Examining connections between industrialism, mental health, and culture-bound syndromes

Soham Govande , October 12th, 2020

Although public health has an objective and scientific connotation, systems of thought and belief also affect well-being, with equal, if not greater, impact. For instance, global differences in…

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Analyzing the effects of mask-wearing and social distancing on brain development in children

Soham Govande , July 27th, 2020

Throughout Homo sapiens’ rich history, our species has evolved to become deeply social animals. For instance, the first hunter-gatherers lived in bands, allowing their members to depend on…

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How COVID-19 is affecting the BLM movement: An intersection of public health and racial justice

Soham Govande , July 20th, 2020

In the last few weeks, we have seen a tremendous increase in awareness about racial inequality in America. Fortunately, progress is occurring at an accelerating pace thanks to…

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