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Harriette Richards , February 16th, 2017

Fashion is deeply expressive of social and individual identities, and thus, changes in fashion trends reveal much about changes in culture. This contention is a familiar one within…



Magdalena Suerbaum , February 15th, 2017

Masculinities Under Neoliberalism (2016), edited by Andrea Cornwall, Frank G. Karioris and Nancy Lindisfarne is the successor of the groundbreaking work ‘Dislocating Masculinity’ (1994). Twenty years …



Elizabeth Holdsworth , February 14th, 2017

Within the past several years, prenatal testing has significantly advanced, developing numerous methods of non-invasive prenatal testing such as examining fetal cell-free DNA in maternal blood. These …


#Reviews week: Let’s talk about #gender!

Judith Beyer , February 13th, 2017

Following up on Felix Girke’s review of Rogers Brubaker’s book #trans, this #reviews week is dedicated to more new publications that explore #gender at the intersection of a…


Reviewing the #Review Process

Judith Beyer , January 20th, 2017

As Allegra’s reviews editor, I am not only dealing with awesome new publications every week, but also get to think and talk a lot with authors and editors…



Gabriela Torres , January 19th, 2017

Politics, law and global agendas all actively shape the kinship bonds that are formed and sometimes dissolved in marriage. To study marriage― what it is across cultures, how…



Felix Girke , January 18th, 2017

In early 2015, I followed the case of Rachel Dolezal, the Spokane woman who attempted to pass as black. She went to considerable length to affirm her blackness…



Subhashim Goswami , January 17th, 2017

Nayanika Mathur’s Paper Tiger. Law, Bureaucracy and the Developmental State in Himalayan India  is an ethnography of the everyday life of law and bureaucracy. It reveals the complexity of…


Happy New Year from Allegra!

Judith Beyer , January 16th, 2017

After a well deserved break during the holiday season, Allegra is back and full of energy for yet another exciting year! We have lots of wonderful stuff –…


#REVIEW: The Borderlands of Race – REDUX

David Fazzino , October 5th, 2016

Today we continue our revisitation of 2016 via a review that has – sadly – only grown more topical since it was first published in October 2016: ‘The Borderlands…


#REVIEW: Habeas Viscus: Racializing Assemblages, Biopolitics, and Black Feminist Theories of the Human

Gabriela Radulescu , October 4th, 2016

Underlying the domain of human rights is the conception of the human on which we predicate, and advocate for, human rights’ recognition. But what are we actually lobbying…


#Review: Innocent Weapons: The Soviet and American Politics of Childhood in the Cold War

Koreen M. Reece , August 18th, 2016

When the picture of Alan Kurdi’s drowned body first hit the headlines, it was instantly iconic. For many, the simple horror of the image suddenly made the refugee…


#Review: What Kinship Is – And Is Not

Linnéa Rowlatt , August 17th, 2016

While Western political leaders overtly inflame followers by ascribing innate difference to Others, the lucidity and coherence of Marshall Sahlins’ 2013 monograph What Kinship Is – And Is…


#Review: Women without Class: Girls, Race and Identity

Patgiri Rituparna , August 16th, 2016

The tile of the book itself informs its readers that it is an interrogation of women as class ‘subjects.’ Although studies of class are not new in Sociology,…


Call for #Reviews: Recent Publications on #Gender

Judith Beyer , August 15th, 2016

While gender remains a mostly female domain of inquiry, our list of recent publications features not only male authors, but also discusses contemporary masculinities. In What Makes a…


#Review: On the State. Lectures at the Collège de France, 1989-1992.

John Postill , July 28th, 2016

As stated on its back cover, in this book the influential French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) investigates the state’s ‘extraordinary power of producing a socially ordered world without…


#Review: Pulled Over: How Police Stops Define Race and Citizenship

Sharon Attard , June 24th, 2016

On 22 March 2016, the Belgian city of Brussels suffered three calculated and co-ordinated terrorist attacks in the name of the so-called Islamic State. As with the Paris…


#Review: What Kinship Is – And Is Not

Nirmala Jayaraman , June 23rd, 2016

To what degree can our biological, genetic and reproductive systems be considered the basis for family relationships? Marshall Sahlins divides his answer to this question into two sections…


#Review: Anthropology and Development: Challenges for the Twenty-First Century

Arba Bekteshi , June 21st, 2016

The second book by Gardner and Lewis, Anthropology and Development: Challenges for the Twenty-First Century, is both an update and a rewrite of their 1996 publication, Anthropology, Development…


#Review: The Color of Modernity. São Paulo and the Making of Race and Nation in Brazil

Heike Drotbohm , June 20th, 2016

The Color of Modernity. São Paulo and the Making of Race and Nation in Brazil is an ambitious effort to rethink the formation of a regional identity and perceptions…


Looking forward to a week of #Reviews

Judith Beyer , June 20th, 2016

During my recent fieldwork in Myanmar, I fell in love with books allover again. Myanmar is a country where everyone reads all the time, and with pleasure. The…


Celebrating Allies – part 4: “Looking text straight in the face”

Allegra , April 15th, 2016

To conclude this week we wish to highlight the hard work of one more Allie – namely Marie-Louise Karttunen. She has been with us since the beginning, offering…


Celebrating Allies – part 3: Are you looking for a ghostwriter? REDUX

Sarita Fae Jarmack , April 14th, 2016

Today we continue to celebrate the Allies who handle so much of behind-the-scenes work that is needed to keep fan-bu-tastic (=fabulous meets fantastic) content appearing on our beloved…


#Review: Human Rights as War by Other Means. Peace Politics in Northern Ireland

Aditi Surie von Czechowski , March 23rd, 2016

There has, of late, been a loud and to some extent circular debate within the field of human rights studies. The debate is over whether or not one…