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Insurrection, Accountability, and Reconciliation

Anthropology365 , January 13th, 2021

Note: This piece is merely a stream of conscious as I watch and think about the impeachment. Last week, we Americans watched a violent insurrection unfold at the…

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Ep. #41: Mediocrity, Confusing Cake, Public Accountability & Gift Reciprocity: This month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , July 7th, 2019

Simon (0:48) kicks off this panel by asking us about mediocrity. He reflects on his fieldwork in Iran, where he observed – particularly in the education sphere –…

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#HAUTALK: The Tyranny of Structurelessness and No End in Sight

Sarah Green , October 16th, 2018

On June 11th 2018, David Graeber published an apology about the amount of time it took him to understand the extent of what was going wrong within HAU…


Shocked, not Surprised #hautalk

Nayanika Mathur , June 22nd, 2018

The surest signal that we are having something akin to a #metoo moment in academia is when my social media accounts, email inbox, and phone go into a…


Deborah A. Jones’ “Afterlives & Other Lives: Semiosis and History in 21st Century Ukraine”

| , May 14th, 2018

Page 99 of my dissertation falls toward the beginning of a monster chapter exploring my rural interlocutors’ fight for land rights, encounters with the legal system, and conceptions…

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Brave Community: Teaching Race in the American Classroom w/ Janine de Novais – This Anthro Life

Gamwell , February 14th, 2018

Welcome listeners to the second installment of our Diversity and Inclusion crossover series, bringing together This Anthro Life with Brandeis University. For those of you who are new…

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DragNet: January 16 – January 31, 2018

ngraulich , February 6th, 2018

Image from projects.bettergov.org DragNet is back, with a recap of a number articles that came up last month in our twitter feed. In World News, we have a…


The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatterSyllabus Project, Week 5: Meg Stalcup and Charles Hahn on Technology, Surveillance, and Security

mstalcup , October 7th, 2016

The editors of Anthropoliteia are happy to present the latest entry in on ongoing series The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatterSyllabus Project, which will mobilize anthropological work as a pedagogical…