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Pantomime Terror and Global South Asia on Screen

john hutnyk , December 3rd, 2021

Cheap paperback stocking stuffers… – though I wonder if 1 left in stock contradicts that whole value-scarcity thing. Pretty sure there is more than one.


La sexualidad y reproducción en la Prehistoria reciente de Iberia

anthropologies , November 23rd, 2020

Una de las mayores dificultades a la hora de estudiarla se debe a la falta de documentación, aun así, diferentes corrientes historiográficas han hecho estudios exhaustivos sobre dicha…


El poder de la moda

anthropologies , July 29th, 2020

La ropa, los adornos y los complementos, han sido una forma de exteriorizar el estatus dentro de la mayor parte de las sociedades durante la inmensa mayoría de…


#men, too?

Raji Steineck , November 3rd, 2019

Die #MeToo-Debatte hat einmal mehr gezeigt: Es wäre höchste Zeit, dass die Männer, die das Verhalten der Weinsteins, Trumps etc. beschämend finden, selbst sagen, was sie von sich…

→Geschichte der Gegenwart

What is science in Social Science and what has the history of Philosophy had to say about it?

john hutnyk , September 21st, 2019

What is science in Social Science and what has the history of Philosophy had to say about it? Well, so glad you asked – I can talk for…


Pantomime Terror

john hutnyk , December 21st, 2018

This book is about storytelling and music video – well, also politics and terror, performance and television. HUTNYK_PANTOMIME TERROR The book tunes into music in three acts. I…


Training Adorno

john hutnyk , November 17th, 2018

Is it mean to advise someone wanting to write on sneakers to go and read Adorno? On trainers/sneakers, surely Adorno would be asking what is so secretive about…


Happy 115th birthday beloved Teddy.

Thesis 11 on Adorno

john hutnyk , April 23rd, 2018

Just catching up on Thesis 11 after many years, (ht Trevor Hogan). Articles: Antinomies of culture and critique of modernity: Evaluating György Márkus’s theory of culture from the…


Miniaturization is trinketization.

john hutnyk , January 29th, 2018

This looks great and would have been a good thing to attend, but my diary window – and budget – is far too small: *Small Interventions: Studies in…