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I did a thing (and it has to do with researching African American Breastfeeding in Mississippi)

[Image]: My (fully loaded) car in front of the state sign. It reads: Welcome To Mississippi – Birthplace of America’s Music. I finally made it to Mississippi –…

Breastfeeding Research in Mississippi

I’ve had a ton of conversations about breastfeeding and PhD work with my life coach, friends and colleagues. After mulling over everything for some time I’m here, working…

Black Breastfeeding in the Mississippi Delta

  Back in March I took my general exams for graduate school and officially became a PhD Candidate! Make no … Continue reading →


I have various things to consider when I share information on this blog — starting with my own history and … Continue reading →

Mississippi: Why breastfeeding? Why Me?

I published this original post just the other day. Since then I’ve had quite a few more thoughts to add, … Continue reading →

Some thoughts: On the south, doing (Black) ethnography, and dismantling the IBLCE

I am back from summer. I had a tremendous time over the past couple of months and I enjoyed (nearly) … Continue reading →

Breastfeeding research in Mississippi — help support it! #BlkBfing

I am raising money to help with a research project focusing on breastfeeding in the Mississippi Delta, USA. I am … Continue reading →

Uncovering Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy in Professional Breastfeeding Services: The Greater Complexities of IBCLCs

Below is a paper that I just turned in and filed with my department. I had to submit a ‘research … Continue reading →

‘Bronislaw’: The Anthropology of Black Breastfeeding in Mississippi

A few months back, the editors of the new online magazine, Bronislaw (as in Malinowski, I think) asked me to … Continue reading →

Black American Men and Brazilian Women

  Any attempt to understand black American men and their relationships with Brazilian women must first consider cultural characteristics and the significance of social values. Now, we are…