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Vernacular #Humanitarianism, Adhocracy, and the Problem of Emotion

Elizabeth Cullen Dunn , September 26th, 2017

Since the refugee crisis of 2015, vernacular humanitarianism—locally focused, volunteer-led efforts at humanitarian action—has been put forward as the answer to the inability of the institution-led in…


anthro in the news 12/19/16

Culture In Global Affairs , December 19th, 2016

Source: Getty Images beware the messenger The Herald (Zimbabwe) published a piece about recent CIA reports on Russian hacking by social anthropologist David Price, professor at St. Martin’s…


Anthro in the News 10/17/16

Culture In Global Affairs , October 17th, 2016

Cholera threat in Haiti Haitians displaced by Hurricane Matthew,  Source: Andres Martinez Casares/Reuters ABC News says relief efforts in Haiti are “ramping up” one week after Hurricane M…


#Review: Anthropology and Development: Challenges for the Twenty-First Century

Arba Bekteshi , June 21st, 2016

The second book by Gardner and Lewis, Anthropology and Development: Challenges for the Twenty-First Century, is both an update and a rewrite of their 1996 publication, Anthropology, Development…