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Settler Geology: Earth’s deep history and the governance of in situ oil spills in Alberta

jeremy schmidt , December 27th, 2019

Those who follow debates around the Anthropocene will be familiar with a very prominent premise: that the scale of the Anthropocene is incommensurate with human time. Or, in…

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New paper in special issue on Helen Ingram’s legacy in water, politics, and governance

jeremy schmidt , July 26th, 2017

Very happy to have a new article out in the Journal of the Southwest and in a special double issue honouring the work of Helen Ingram. Full table…

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Harvesting Ruins: The Im/Permanence of Work Camps and Reclaiming Colonized Landscapes in the Northern Alberta Oil Sands

Chitra , October 23rd, 2016

Janelle Marie Baker, Anthropology McGill University § *All photos taken by Janelle Marie Baker Abandoned work camp in Bigstone Cree Nation territory. My Nehiwayak (Cree) friends who have the…