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„The invisible threats and the unhealthy world“ – What might the Mbya (Brazil) teach us about Corona?(#WitnessingCorona)

Karoline Buchner , April 1st, 2020

Hide Press Release (3 Less Words) Maria Paula Prates The first day I realised I was really afraid of being infected and also of the proximity of the…


What’s in a name? Diagnostic uncertainty and moral experience in a mental hospital in the Tanga region of Tanzania

Karoline Buchner , July 12th, 2019

Hide Press Release (2 Less Words) Florin Cristea “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet”   William…


Where is my mind? Ecologies of healing and care in more-than-human worlds

Max Schnepf , June 25th, 2019

Hide Press Release (5 Less Words) Max Schnepf and Karoline Buchner With your feet on the air and your head on the ground Try this trick and spin…


Healing Landscapes in Berlin: Seven Film Portraits of Healers in the City

Hansjörg Dilger , October 11th, 2018

Hide Press Release (6 Less Words) Hansjörg Dilger, Kristian Petersen, Werkstatt Ethnologie Viviana Ponce de León. Photo credits: Miriam Tamayo. The anthropological film project “Healing Landscapes in B…


From Harry Potter to Jesus – A transfigurative conference report

Karoline Buchner , May 4th, 2017

Hide Press Release (4 Less Words) Laura Perler, Francesca Rickli Credit: Transcultural Studies, University of St. Gallen Conference report on the anniversary conference: ‘Transfigurationen: Medizin mac…


Warum Mindfulness, Life Coaching und Self-Help an Popularität gewinnen: Der Workshop „Travelling and Transforming Therapeutics“ nahm therapeutische Praktiken global unter die Lupe

Karoline Buchner , April 19th, 2017

Hide Press Release (12 Less Words) Suvi Salmenniemi, Harley Bergroth, Inna Perheentupa, Johanna Nurmi, Laura Kemppainen, Tatiana Tiaynen-Qadir Bild 1: © Jutta Reippainen Verschiedene therapeutische Pr…


Finding Peace on a Psychiatric Ward with Yoga: Report on a Pilot Anthropological Study in Pondicherry, India

Redakteur , September 1st, 2016

Hide Press Release (2 Less Words) Krzysztof Bierski Photo 1. Male patient practicing bhrāmarī prāṇāyāma with a gesture of closing of external sensory perception yōnimudrā. (screenshot of a…


„Eine Ästhetik für das Miteinanderleben“: Elisabeth Hsu über Chinesische Medizin, akademische Lernkulturen und die Rolle der (Medizin-)Ethnologie im Kontext gesellschaftlicher Transformationen

Max Schnepf , August 2nd, 2016

Zur Ästhetik des Miteinander-Lebens (im muslimischen Indischen Ozean) (rechts: E. Hsu) | Elisabeth Hsu Frau Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Hsu ist Professorin am Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology…


Tibetan Formulas in Interdisciplinary and Multilingual Perspectives – Translating ‘Wind’ Disorders and Stress in Tibetan Medicine (Workshop Report)

Max Schnepf , March 12th, 2016

Mona Schrempf A physician of Tibetan medicine compounding a formula for his patient | Nagchu, Tibet (TAR), 2003. Photo by Mona Schrempf This three-day workshop (May 8-10, 2015)…