Tag: Alzheimer

Sticky notes by Simon Cohn

Simon Cohn , April 9th, 2019

I remember when I was a lot younger and my grandmother was still alive, her flat became increasingly filled with small pieces of paper attached by tape to…


The Stories Continue by Annelieke Driessen

Annelieke Driessen , March 12th, 2019

Much to our pleasure we got many positive responses following the publication of our series, ‘thinking with dementia’. Some of these responses suggested novel directions in which we…


Word Shell by Janelle Taylor

Janelle Taylor , February 28th, 2019

I have never lost my childhood habit of beachcombing for special rocks and shells, and I think of ethnography as involving a similar process of collecting bits of…


Thinking pain by Annelieke Driessen

Annelieke Driessen , October 1st, 2018

Care worker Annika announces that she does not want to go to Mr Moran. “He always complains.” “I’ll go”, says her colleague Robin, and turning to me he…


Opening up shrinking life-worlds by Maarten van Westen

Maarten van Westen , October 1st, 2018

Lives change dramatically as dementia progresses. Using observations of people suffering from obsessions and compulsions, I will analyse this change along three dimensions. Obsessive-Compulsive Disord…


The House by Laura Vermeulen

Laura Vermeulen , September 24th, 2018

The question of how Willem was coping, alone in the big house, had come to concern many of those surrounding him. Over the past couple of months, Willem…


Burning down the house: When crisis becomes daily life in early-onset dementia by Silke Hoppe

Silke Hoppe , September 24th, 2018

For my doctoral research, I interviewed family members living with a loved one with early-onset dementia, a diagnosis that one receives under the age of 65. Jans, not…


George, the dog by Emily Yates-Doerr

Emily Yates-Doerr , September 24th, 2018

Babe, my grandpa, was born on the kitchen tiles of a small Seattle home. His dad, whose own grandpa had run a seedy downtown brothel, would disappear and…


Strangers in unfamiliar environments: Struggles for subjectivity in a dementia care ward by Ingunn Moser

Ingunn Moser , September 24th, 2018

During fieldwork on dementia care in a nursing home, I was struck by the complex and layered orderings of space, time and subjectivity in daily life on the…


Refraction of daily life by Jeannette Pols

Jeannette Pols , September 24th, 2018

Attending to what makes up ‘the everyday’ has long been a challenge for scholars in the social sciences. [1] Researchers from different disciplines and perspectives have explored how mundane…


The fool with the watering can, or asynchronous time travelling by Jeannette Pols

Jeannette Pols , September 17th, 2018

One of the most bewildering and fascinating things about spending time with people with dementia is that they can rapidly travel through time. This was most clear with…


Six photos of my father at 91 by Alessandro Duranti

Alessandro Duranti , September 17th, 2018

I have chosen to tell a story based on six photographs I took of my father, Ivio Duranti (1918-2009) in the last year of his life. He was…


“I do want euthanasia, but not now.” Timing a request for euthanasia with dementia in the Netherlands by Natashe Lemos Dekker

Natashe Lemos Dekker , September 17th, 2018

Sitting on orange seats in the corridor, Ms Verbeek, her niece Hannie and I are waiting for the general practitioner. Ms Verbeek seems a little restless and is…


Folding time: walk-talking joint moments in the nursing home by Laura Vermeulen

Laura Vermeulen , September 17th, 2018

We knew each other from the drop-in centre. Aspects of our daily life concerns had been shared. ‘We’ were drop-in centre participants: the majority had been diagnosed with…


Refraction of time by Jeannette Pols

Jeannette Pols , September 17th, 2018

On a Thursday evening, five men gather around a dinner table. Their host, a scientist from Surrey, England, has left them a note telling them to begin eating…


Graphic Medicine and Medical Anthropology by Dana Walrath

Dana Walrath , June 13th, 2016

Introduction When I began my graphic memoir series, Aliceheimers, it focused just on life with my mother Alice before and during dementia. But the revelatory insight that she…