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Mattias van Ommen takes the page 99 test

| , December 14th, 2020

Page 99 of my dissertation contains a theoretical discussion on fantasy, situated in arguably the least ethnographic of chapters. The dissertation itself is about Japanese players of the…

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“On Fluid Mosaic”: Rodell Warner

Rodell Warner , January 29th, 2020

Introduction I met Rodell Warner in Trinidad while he was collaborating at Alice Yard art residency in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies and then a second time when…


Teri Silvio on her new book, Puppets, Gods, and Brands

| , November 18th, 2019

https://uhpress.hawaii.edu/product/puppets-gods-and-brands-theorizing-the-age-of-animation-from-taiwan/ Interview by Ilana Gershon Ilana Gershon: What first led you to start thinking about animation? …

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Devin Proctor’s page 99 test

| , July 29th, 2019

My dissertation, On Being Non-Human: Otherkin Identification and Virtual Space, is based on five years of ethnographic engagement examining identity construction and social practice among the Otherkin…

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Jennifer Robertson on her new book, Robo sapiens japanicus

| , April 22nd, 2019

https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520283206/robo-sapiens-japanicus Interview by Daniel White Daniel White: In addition to the variety of topics you have explored in Japan over your career, you have be…

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Call for Papers: Ethno/Graphic Storytelling

Anne , April 4th, 2017

AAA 2017: Anthropology Matters November 29-December 3, 2017 Washington, DC Ethno/Graphic Storytelling: Communicating research through graphic novels and animation Co-Organizers: Archaeologist Sonya At…

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