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anthro in the news 7/16/18

Coca-Cola, Mexican death sentence [left]. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. Infant formula as a death threat [right]. Credit: Photo-shopped from the original image on …


anthro in the news 6/25/18

How about gun control for the military and/or racist police? Credit: PosterBoy/Flickr police killings: collateral damage National Public Radio (U.S.) reported on …


anthro in the news 6/18/18

Tape magic. Credit: frankieleon/Flickr a bullshit job might actually be important An article in The Washington Post connected sociocultural anthropologist David Graeber’s …


anthro in the news 6/4/18

Bikini Bottom. Credit: Encyclopedia Spongebobia Bikini Bottom matters: More than SpongeBob The Conversation (U.S.) published commentary by Holly M. Barker, senior lecturer …


anthro in the news 5/21/18

HTTPS://WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/THOMASHAWK/ anthropology in and for everyday life A panel discussion on Maine Public radio included four anthropologists explaining how anthropology is part …


anthro in the news 4/23/18

Bison Truck! Central San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, 2016. Credit: Joey Zanotti/Flickr the damage humans do Several media, including  NBC News, reported …