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A 2018 Anthropology Day Manifesto

Nick Mizer , February 15th, 2018

By Emma Backe and Nick Mizer Happy Anthropology Day! So far this year at¬†The Geek Anthropologist we have been spending a lot of time thinking and talking about…

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Adventures in Blogging: Bringing Anthropology to the World

Anne , February 15th, 2018

For World Anthropology Day, we asked Paul Stoller to share his thoughts on the urgent need for a more public anthropology, as well as his ideas about blogging…

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Falling in Love with Anthropology

Anne Kelsey , February 12th, 2018

Each year we kick off our Anthropology Day celebration by asking individuals from across the field to share how they fell in love with anthropology. This year’s post…

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World Anthropology Day: Grokking as a Geek Anthropologist

Emma Louise Backe , February 16th, 2017

In honor of World Anthropology Day 2017, we’re sharing the text from an AnthroTalk presentation on what it means to do geek anthropology, given at George Washington University…

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Supporting the Resistance

Anne , February 16th, 2017

Well, 2017 has certainly burst out of the gates, with Trump signing executive orders the way a bull wreaks havoc in a china shop, and the resistance using…

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Anthropology: A Love Story

Anne Kelsey , February 14th, 2017

Why do you ¬†anthropology? The AAA is getting an early start to this year’s Anthropology Day celebration by spending our Valentine’s Day reflecting on why we fell in…

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