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Illegal Immigration: a global problem

Neil Turner , June 1st, 2016

People are migrating across the globe in unprecedented numbers. More than 200 million people are residing in countries other than their home countries. Further, that number represents a…

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Origins and Scope of Thick Ethnography

Neil Turner , April 1st, 2016

Within a historical context, ethnography attempts to be holistic in nature based in part on emic views. It is written, observational science that provides an account of a…

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Human Trafficking: a growing epidemic

Neil Turner , March 1st, 2016

Some sources claim that one out of every 236 people becomes a victim of human trafficking. Even more startling, sources state that every 30 seconds another person becomes…

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Intricacies of Universal Health Care

Neil Turner , January 2nd, 2016

What are some of the primary concerns of Universal Health and access to quality health care? Among researchers doing studies in this area, these concerns have raised new…

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Expatriates: Dilemmas and Misconceptions

Neil Turner , December 1st, 2015

Those who have chosen to become permanent expatriates at some time or another experience a very disturbing and confusing dilemma. What makes this dilemma so disturbing is it…

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Affirmative action in brazil: is it necessary?

Neil Turner , November 1st, 2015

  Recently, I came across an article in Lasa Forum Spring 2013 edition in which Edward Telles and Marcelo Paixão assessed the significance of Affirmative Action in Brazil….

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Mandate of the Intellectual

Neil Turner , September 30th, 2015

Recently, a PhD educated, cultural researcher for a Canadian magazine contacted me about Perspectives’ focus on “open-access publishing, public accessibility and seeking a broad readership while maint…

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Indispensability of medical anthropology

Neil Turner , September 1st, 2015

Medical anthropology, although considered a subcategory in anthropology, has been making contributions to medicine and public health since the development of anthropology itself. The fact that anthrop…

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Black American Men and Brazilian Women

Neil Turner , August 1st, 2015

  Any attempt to understand black American men and their relationships with Brazilian women must first consider cultural characteristics and the significance of social values. Now, we are…

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US – Brazil Relations: the dynamics of consciousness and empowerment

Neil Turner , June 29th, 2015

  In 2012, Dr. Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Roscoe Pound Professor of Law, Harvard University Law School lectured at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American studies on Brazil…

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Tristes Tropiques: Revisited

Neil Turner , June 1st, 2015

  When I first encountered Lévi-Strauss in graduate school, I thought the title of his monumental work sounded strange. At that time, I spoke absolutely no Portuguese but…

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Universality of Truth

Neil Turner , May 1st, 2015

Now this is an article that is going to upset a lot of people but at the same time it will cause a lot of people to reflect…

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The Cultural Incongruence of Democracy

Neil Turner , March 27th, 2015

                    We live in an epoch when countries throughout the world are struggling to throw off their traditional forms…

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Self-imposed discrimination in brazil

Neil Turner , March 1st, 2015

  When I arrived in Brazil seven years ago as an American anthropologist seeking to discover if Brazil would be a good place to do research for a…

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