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An Anthropologist in the World Revolution – Pt. 2 by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , March 1st, 2019

As we approached the millennium, with the dotcom boom roaring away, I wanted to write a book that would sum up 30 years of teaching and…

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Brazil’s Dichotomous Treatment of Corruption – PT 2

Neil Turner , February 1st, 2018

After the end of the Brazilian military dictatorship, the Liberal Front Party (LFP), Democratic Social Party (PMDB) and Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB) dominated the government of Brazil….

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Preface to the Coming World Crisis

Neil Turner , October 1st, 2017

Trump’s election has accelerated talk on the left of the end of (neo-) liberalism and the rise of fascism in the West. The prospects for world war seem…

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