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Screen Memory, Social Distancing & Speculative Fiction: The Geek Anthropologist 2021 in Review

emmalouisebackeanthro , January 1st, 2022

2021 wasn’t quite the year we anticipated, nor does the conclusion of the year feel like it does justice to the warped sense of time, distance, and stasis…

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Space Races & Special Forces at Smithsonian’s Future Con

Emma Louise Backe , May 15th, 2019

In April of 2018, as cosplayers, geeks, and comic vendors descended on the Walter Washington Memorial Convention Center in Washington, DC for the annual Awesome Con, affiliates of…

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Moon Monogamy 2: Preliminary Research, Session 1

Nick Mizer , May 1st, 2019

[This is the second installment of Moon Monogamy (And Other Things That Are Bound to Go Wrong) by Savannah Mandel. The first installment is here.] You would think that…

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Moon Monogamy 1 – Qualifications: One, Two, Three, Twelve, Thirteen, and Twenty-Seven

Nick Mizer , February 15th, 2019

We need more worlds. Better worlds. We can’t overlook the need for horrifying, ruined worlds, true, but more than anything we need better worlds. The worlds academics build…

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The Celestial Ethnographers: Imagining the Future of Anthropology in Star Trek Discovery

Emma Louise Backe , August 24th, 2018

By Logan A. Kirkland & Joshua W. Rivers “Culture,” so-called, is implanted in nature; the environment, or Umwelt, is a model generated by the organism. Semiosis links them.” -Thomas…

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The Elysium Effect: Space Law and Commercial Space Disparities

Emma Louise Backe , July 10th, 2018

By Savannah Mandel  Have you ever seen Elysium? It’s a 2013 science fiction movie directed by Neill Blomkamp about a future Earth where the elitist upper echelon of…

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