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Trump’s attack on American “democracy” by Keith Hart – Part 1

Neil Turner , March 1st, 2021

Donald Trump and the Republican Party Donald Trump may not have expected to win the 2016 presidential election. Once he … More

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American Exceptionalism and Violent Protests

Neil Turner , February 1st, 2021

It is important to understand that for more than fifty years, American foreign and defense policies such as EUCOM, PCOM, … More

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How the informal economy took over the World by Keith Hart – Finale

Neil Turner , December 1st, 2020

The Euro crisis: an episode in the history of money The monetary crisis that has overwhelmed the eurozone of late needs to be seen in this context. The…

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How the informal economy took over the World by Keith Hart – Part 3

Neil Turner , November 1st, 2020

The demise of national capitalism To talk of the world economy being “informalized” suggests that there is a global rule-system, whereas effective rules are now absent at all…

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How the informal economy took over the World – Part 2 by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , October 1st, 2020

  The dialectics of form “General Forms have their vitality in Particulars, and every Particular is a Man” (William Blake). Most readers of this book live substantially inside…

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How the informal economy took over the world by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , September 1st, 2020

A la recherche du temps perdu (In search of lost time) The idea of an informal economy was born at the moment when the post-war era of developmental…

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Seeing Culture Everywhere: A Book Review by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , August 2nd, 2020

The authors of this well-written book tell how they were pushed by their editor into writing for a general audience. They have succeeded without sacrificing analytical rigor. They…

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Why George Floyd Matters

Neil Turner , July 1st, 2020

With all due respect and no malice intended but the George Floyd murder is not the first time African American men have been wrongfully brutalized and killed by…

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Pandemics: Agents of Global Change – Part 2

Neil Turner , June 1st, 2020

The Economic and Commercial Impact of Pandemics By now, the COVID-19 influenza outbreak has reached practically all parts of the globe. In the context of discussing the pandemic,…

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New Preface to Globalization from Below: The World’s Other Economy by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , May 1st, 2020

IV. The informal economy has taken over the World The idea of an informal economy was born in the 1970s when the post-war era of developmental states was…

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Pandemics: agents of global change

Neil Turner , April 1st, 2020

It was the early 1990s, while working at the American College of Physicians in Philadelphia, I became interested in epidemiology. With all the doctors around (there were twelve…

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Cultural Critique: Anthropological – by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , March 1st, 2020

Cultural Critique Cultural critique, the use of anthropology to draw critical attention to institutions that readers take for granted, is as old as the origins of the modern…

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The Subjugation of Liberal Democracy

Neil Turner , February 1st, 2020

Are we witnessing in our lifetime the slow destruction of liberal democracy? Have we exhausted the limits of a political system that has served nations for more than…

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Religious Colonizing in Brazil

Neil Turner , January 1st, 2020

After Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil, I sort of lost the desire to write anything more about the country. As a gringo living in Brazil for more…

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The Collapse of Societies

Neil Turner , December 1st, 2019

By now, the entire world is aware of the historic and unprecedented events occurring in the United States.  It seems trite to characterize these events as…

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Agriculture in Human Evolution – by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , November 1st, 2019

In his Discourse on the Origins and Foundations of Inequality among Men (1754) Jean-Jacques Rousseau was concerned, not with individual variations in natural endowments, but with…

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The Political Economy of Food in an Unequal World-by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , October 1st, 2019

Food in a New Economic Order What is ‘new’ about neo-liberalism? It is a world economic order based on selective freedom, on the freedom of money…

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Filtered Realities

Neil Turner , September 1st, 2019

In order to proceed, we must first acknowledge the more than three decades of work by a man who has been sounding the alarm concerning the…

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The Mueller Report: Highlights

Neil Turner , August 1st, 2019

The Mueller Report is probably one of the most extensive legal investigations in the history of the United States. Certainly, the circumstances necessitating it are historic…

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The Horror of War – Part 3

Neil Turner , July 1st, 2019

Sometime in June 1971, an incident occurred that completely changed my attitude toward the US Army. In fact, I was never the same again. It all…

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The Horror of War – Part 2

Neil Turner , June 1st, 2019

It was Christmas Eve and it just so happened that I pulled guard duty. The post I was assigned to was a 30-foot tower that stood…

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The Horror of War – Part 1

Neil Turner , May 1st, 2019

  With all the violence in the world and the ever growing movement of mankind toward more violence, it appears there is always a war somewhere…

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The Virus of Violence

Neil Turner , April 1st, 2019

In the study of epidemiology, one has an opportunity to learn about communicable and non-communicable diseases. This curriculum is usually pursued on the graduate level and…

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An Anthropologist in the World Revolution – Pt. 2 by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , March 1st, 2019

As we approached the millennium, with the dotcom boom roaring away, I wanted to write a book that would sum up 30 years of teaching and…

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