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Bringing anthropologies of the state to Mainz: A workshop report

Konstanze N’Guessan , July 11th, 2018

With #anthrostate, allegralab seems to suggest that there is a distinct subdiscipline of anthropology that studies the contemporary state. However, following Bourdieu (1994), Navaro-Yashin (2002) or m…


Call for #Reviews: #AnthroState #Africa

Julie Billaud , January 17th, 2018

As we start into 2018, we seize the opportunity of this post by Thomas Bierschenk and Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan on their influential edited volume States at Work to…


Revisiting ‘States at Work. Dynamics of African Bureaucracies’

Thomas Bierschenk , January 16th, 2018

‘States at Work’ aims to contribute to the academic debates on processes of state-building in Africa, and, among development practitioners, on the role of the state in development,…


#Review: Mohawk Interruptus

Nirmala Jayaraman , January 22nd, 2016

In the online forum Native Appropriations, Dr. Adrienne Keene writes “When you’re invisible in society . . . every representation matters” (Keene 2015). Keene’s need to explore, triangulate and discus…


#Review: Wrapped in the Flag of Israel

Anja Ryding , January 21st, 2016

How can we conceive of the contemporary relationship between race, poverty, and bureaucracy? Smadar Lavie’s latest publication, an account of her experience as a Mizrahi single mother dependent…


Call for Reviews: Recent Publications on the #Anthrostate

Allegra , June 12th, 2015

The last two weeks here at Allegra have been dedicated to all things #Anthrostate. To continue the theme, we have handpicked some of our favourite new releases in the…


Circulating the state idea and establishing a state system in Palestine #anthrostate

Kareem Rabie , June 10th, 2015

Since 2007, the Palestinian government in the West Bank has been working to build a state while under occupation. Already almost entirely dependent on international aid and shedding…