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Why “The Great Replacement Theory” is not a Theory, and why that Matters

Alma Gottlieb , May 18th, 2022

The notion of a “theory” comes from science. As such, the term conveys all the legitimacy upon which the scientific method relies. It should not be tossed around…


A Strange Past Returns Strangely

Alma Gottlieb , March 3rd, 2022

The last time I heard anyone utter the name, Przemysl, I must have been ten or eleven years old. In his thickly Yiddishized English, my maternal grandfather must…


Writing about Coffee

Alma Gottlieb , February 2nd, 2020

Despite being a lifelong non-coffee-drinker, I somehow found myself reading two fantastic books about coffee recently. The first, Miriam Sagan’s A Hundred Cups of Coffee, hijacked me from…

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From Hollywood to Hitler: Rethinking the Cultural Politics of Propaganda

Maximilian C. Forte , January 6th, 2020

What is propaganda? What does cinema reveal about the Third Reich and its people? What are German films about during the Third Reich? What do they reveal? And…


Europe’s Other Walls

Chelsea Horton , November 15th, 2019

The Berlin Wall has always had multiple lives. Beyond its fall lies a story of proliferating borders and exclusions. “Berlin is not the same without a Wall,” said…

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A Demagogue’s Words Matter

Adam Hodges , November 2nd, 2018

Trump’s immigration metaphors set a divisive tone from the top. Trump wields demagogic rhetoric like a marketing tool, ramping up prejudicial appeals in the closing days of the…

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An Anthropologist at the Women’s March on Washington, Part 2: The Posters

Alma Gottlieb , March 1st, 2017

  Photo by Alma Gottlieb   Women (and some men) with signs, as far as the eye could see. In my first post about the Women’s March of…

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It’s Never “Just a Symbol”

Alma Gottlieb , July 9th, 2016

Symbolic anthropologists, take note.  What’s in a symbol?  Everything, when it comes to politics.  Especially, election-year politics.  And especially when a major political candidate claims ign…

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Rethinking BDS

Alma Gottlieb , April 23rd, 2016

A shorter version of this post will soon appear online as a podcast, in coordination with the motion put to a vote among the membership of the American…

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Why Not “Je Suis Lassana”?

Alma Gottlieb , February 1st, 2015

Much of the Western world has expressed solidarity with the right to publish offensive cartoons by identifying with the cartoonists at the iconoclastic weekly, Charlie Hebdo, who were…

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