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Baghdad Postcards #1

Baghdad was featured in a number of early 20th century postcards. Several of these were printed by A.a.K Naman… Here are images …


The Shrine of Nabi Hud

One of the most impressive architectural sites in Yemen is off the beaten track in the Hadramawt, about 90 miles north of …


Damascus Heritage

For an impressive website devoted to the heritage of Damascus, check out “Damascus Heritage.” There are several Youtube videos accessible from the …


Picturing Egypt a Century Ago

Cairo around 1920 In 1921 one of the many geographical/travel books published was the The Human Interest Library: Visuali?ed Knowledge (Chicago: Midland …


A Tale of Two Ruins

I’ll show you a place, high on a desert plain / Where the streets have no name … —U2, The Joshua Tree, …