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5 min interview

I get the occasional cold call from secondary school students and always try to respond with some things that are expected and …


Conference Proceedings ISSH2019

Conference Proceedings ISSH2019 Innovations in the Humanities and Social Sciences conference October 2019 Ton Duc Thang University – Conference Proceedings in full. …


Recent stuffs:

The Corporate Imaginary, In Thesis Eleven August 13, 2020 Co research in Vietnam for the anthropology classroom  with Do Thi Xuan Huong, …



WordPress started counting text downloads of articles in July this year. Interesting stat. So the books get quite a few 56 for …


The Nature of the Copy

From the dead center of an all-white eye, a lone sapling rose two feet tall. Cyclical ridges and valleys, etched in bioplastic …


Boy Scout

  “‘There is no document of civilization that is not simultaneously a document of barbarism‘” (Walter Benjamin Illuminations)   William Burroughs’ annotated …