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Calving started in Yamal reindeer herding

fstammle , May 5th, 2022

Our friend Eduard Khudi and his wife Valentina sent these photos today, of the first reindeer calf of the year, born the 27th April in the Yamal tundra…

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Rain on snow – how do people and reindeer learn to survive?

fstammle , April 30th, 2021

This winter and spring we hear again disastrous news from sudden temperature rises and falls, leading to thick ice-crusts on reindeer pastures that block reindeer’s access to their…

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Evelyn Landerer, fieldwork stories in German

arcticcentre , April 27th, 2020

Here are below in youtube Evelyn Landerer’s fieldwork stories told during the Corona lockdown which started our idea of collecting stories on a platform. These stories are in…

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Future Arctic Ecosystems revisited or reindeer herding at the verge of extinction?

fstammle , October 28th, 2019

30 Oct, 14:00, Rovaniemi, Arktikum, 2nd floor, coffee room. The world’s northernmost herding horses? at work in herding reindeer, Kharaulakh, Laptev Sea In this Wednesday Afternoon Coffee Chat…

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Do animal livelihoods in the Arctic suffer from global warming?

fstammle , March 14th, 2019

This was one of the questions covered in an interdisciplinary exhibition on the effects of global warming and melting permafrost in Yakutia, on display in the Hokkaido museum…

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Domestication revisited?

fstammle , February 23rd, 2019

Domestication is by most used as a term for the biologically traceable subordination of animals under human control. But anthropologists have for long argued that there are also…

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Job for Arctic Anthropologists in Europe? Oulu

fstammle , December 20th, 2018

The University of Oulu is strengthening their Arctic profile and have announced several jobs. Let’s hope they will hire anthropologists eagerly! It depends on how many good anthropologists…

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Keeping Arctic animals makes sense!

fstammle , November 21st, 2018

The Arctic Ark team has presented their work of the last four years in human-animal relations in the Arctic at the Finnish Academy’s final Arktiko Seminar. Studying people’s…

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Oktoberfest Munich – is it all about human-horse relations?

fstammle , October 5th, 2018

Why would we write about the Oktoberfest on this blog? It turns out that there is an aspect of it that is closely related to the interest in…

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International conference on “Local horse breeding in Russia in the past, present and future”, June 22-24, 2018

Stephan Dudeck , June 29th, 2018

It is worth travelling north in mid June to experience one of the wonders of the Arctic. It is polar day when the sun disappears only for a…

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Problems of gigantic reindeer slaughter plan for Yamal-Nenets nomads

fstammle , September 22nd, 2016

The recent announcement by the Yamal government to artificially reduce the number of reindeer in the Yamal-Nenets Okrug by a quarter of a million animals has caused a…

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Meeting the world’s youngest farmers of native cattle in the world’s coldest inhabited place

fstammle , November 6th, 2015

During fieldwork for our Arc Ark research project, I walk the street in Sakkyryr, the central village of the Eveno-Bytantay Ulus (District) of the Sakha Republic, Yakutia, East…

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Beyond perception conference

fstammle , May 7th, 2015

The previous blog topic by Anna on humans and animals is very prominent in the programme of the upcoming super-interesting “Beyond Perception” conference at the University of Aberdeen,…

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Why are Arctic animals like they are? FieldWorking together: anthropologists and geneticists search for an answer.

Anna Stammler-Gossmann , May 4th, 2015

The joint field trip to a reindeer farm in Finland in April was the first experience of a collaborative work of social and natural scientists to understand processes…

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