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Tackling the pandemic: examining the role of social movements and organizations in Argentina by Silvia Hirsch

Silvia Hirsch , May 13th, 2021

Introduction Mónica, a 44-year-old woman, wakes up every morning thinking about the challenges ahead. Today, like every other day, she will prepare soup with noodles and rice for…


Sarah Muir on her new book, Routine Crisis

| , May 10th, 2021

https://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/R/bo69688117.html Interview by Kabir Tambar Kabir Tambar: Routine Crisis is about the aftermath of the economic collapse in Argentina in 20…

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Lesley Gill: Can the Left Revive the ‘Pink Tide’ amid a Global Pandemic?

focaal_admin , January 16th, 2021

As Covid-19 has washed over Latin America like a tsunami and the pillars of shaky economies have shuddered under lockdowns, the priority of profits over public welfare stands…


Wounded Attachments: Intimacy, Infrastructure, and Harm in the National Public Hospital by Livia Garofalo

Livia Garofalo , November 24th, 2020

The first thing you see from the highway is a massive building. The Hospital is simply enormous. In front of the Hospital plaza is a roundabout. In the…


From Transmutation to Strangeness: The House under Scrutiny

Rebecca_Irons , July 10th, 2020

MARÍA FLORENCIA BLANCO ESMORIS La Matanza, Buenos Aires, Argentina I woke up, changed, and my partner made mate[1]. I looked at my cell phone and I had at…

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Privilege and Certainty: Middle Classes and Confinement

María Florencia Blanco Esmoris , May 13th, 2020

The house and the body are the protagonists of isolation. In Argentina, staying at home is experienced as an unequal privilege. The coronavirus put on the table such…


Another Day In Quarantine: The Transmutation Of The House

Rebecca_Irons , April 16th, 2020

MARÍA FLORENCIA BLANCO ESMORIS La Matanza, Buenos Aires, Argentina I didn’t wake up that day like all the others. I had slept badly. My only peace of mind…

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Mary-Caitlyn Valentinsson on her dissertation

| , October 28th, 2019

My dissertation, titled “Language Use and Global Media Circulation Among Argentine Fans of English-Language Mass Media”, explores the links between globalization, media/pop culture, and language throu…

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Bench acquaintances: Finding one’s place in a Buenos Aires shopping centre #Displacement

Franziska Reiffen , August 27th, 2018

In a situation of displacement, migrants and Argentinians forge social relations and thereby emplace themselves in a Buenos Aires shopping centre. Doing research on mobility and displacement in…


Charles Dolph: The second time as farce? The IMF returns to Argentina

Focaal Web Editor , June 20th, 2018

Argentina’s Mauricio Macri administration unexpectedly announced recently that it had opened negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a Stand-By Arrangement amid intense monetary an…


Im Reisefieber

Tomke , November 4th, 2017

Dieser Blogeintrag ist schon seit Langem überfällig und Charlotte ist mir natürlich schon zuvorgekommen – zumindest was den Teil in Chile betrifft. Ich meine natürliche unsere Reisen in…

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2017 Christine Wilson Award Winners!

foodanthro , October 30th, 2017

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Christine Wilson Awards. These awards are presented to outstanding undergraduate and graduate student research papers that examine topics…


Buenos Aires Subway #Soundtrack

Ingo Rohrer , February 10th, 2017

The city rattles, rustles and roars unremittingly. In Buenos Aires you hear the constant medley of restless mechanical noises and the humming of millions of lives. The central pitch of this soundsca…


Argentine Rugby Gets Professional

Elyse Bailey , August 16th, 2016

How Maradona’s support for the Pumas signals a change in the culture of Argentine rugby. Footage of Diego Maradona, the globally famous Argentine ex-soccer player, dancing in the…

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‘The soul of the community’: corporate legal personhood in an indigenous settlement #fictions

Agustin Diz , May 4th, 2016

In Argentina, indigenous people have been historically marginalised and rendered invisible (Gordillo & Hirsch 2003). However, over the last couple of decades there has been a timid effort…


On Rust

therezamiller , April 6th, 2016

By Stephanie McCallum, University of California, Santa Cruz § Recent scholarship in anthropology has addressed infrastructure not in its fully functioning capabilities, but as it falls apart (e.g. Chu…


Sian Lazar: “The happiness revolution”: Argentina and the end of post-neoliberalism?

Focaal Web Editor , March 17th, 2016

This post is part of a series on the Latin American pink tide, moderated and edited by Massimiliano Mollona (Goldsmiths, University of London).  In mid-October 2015, it appeared…


Mate: The Drink Beyond a Drink w/ Guilherme Heiden

Gamwell , March 7th, 2016

Coca and Mate by Guilherme Heiden and Adam Gamwell Mate (pronounced mah-tay), or more commonly known as yerba mate for English speakers, is an herbal tea drink native…

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Boilerplate Clauses as Pragmatic Knowledge Practices #pragmatisms

Leticia Barrera , March 2nd, 2016

Prompted by the invitation to participate in this thematic week on #pragmatisms for Allegra, I would like to share some reflections from my ethnographic reading of a concrete…


#REVIEW – The Reappeared: Argentine Former Political Prisoners

Freek Van der Vet , September 2nd, 2015

States resort to disappearances to remove unwanted critics or minorities from society. The act of a disappearance often follows a pattern: a group of masked armed men take…