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Third R.A.I Photo Salon: Photography and Tourism

Haidy Geismar , November 29th, 2019

Via Haidy Geismar, UCL Anthropology and Chair of the RAI Photography Committee   Sfakian man Manousos Kaftanis is being photographed by a passing traveller at a kiosk in…

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Lloyd Coleman on How He Has Music at His Fingertips

Haidy Geismar , January 22nd, 2018

Annamaria Dall’Anese – PhD Anthropology     Lloyd Coleman on How He Has Music at His Fingertips   Anthropology’s aim is to see the world through the native’s…

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Our Lives with Electric Things: Call for Contributions

Haidy Geismar , February 3rd, 2017

Jamie Cross, University of Edinburgh Call for Contributions (max 300 words) In: Cultural Anthropology / Theorizing the Contemporary Our lives with electric things are positively charged with meanin…

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First RAI Photo Salon

Haidy Geismar , January 30th, 2017

Haidy Geismar,  UCL Anthropology and Chair of the R.A.I Photo Committee On December 8, 2016, the Photography Committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute convened its first Photo Salon….

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Data Waves – finding meaning through music

Haidy Geismar , January 12th, 2017

Miranda Marcus, UCL Digital Anthropology How do we display data in a way that is meaningful? This is the question that has been posed by Dr Robin Carhart-Harris…

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You Can’t Please all! Some observations on the controversy about the Bhupen Khakhar exhibition at Tate Modern, London

Haidy Geismar , November 4th, 2016

Dr. Cathrine Bublatzky, Anthropologist, Heidelberg University Recently I visited the exhibition You can’t please them all – a retrospective of modern Indian painter Bhupen Khakhar (1934-2003) at…

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Occasional Paper 6: Destructivistas

Material World , September 13th, 2016

Joel Cahen (2012, revised 2016) With our present day awareness, the arts as we have known them up to now appear to us in general to be fakes…

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Object Lessons: the story of material education in eight chapters

Haidy Geismar , August 31st, 2016

Press release: Duration: September 16, 2016 – January 16, 2017 Opening: Thursday, September 15, 7 p.m. Milanese Mosaic Pastes, Cabinet of Factory Products, c. 1800, Collection T…

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Things that Make Us

Haidy Geismar , August 6th, 2016

Via The Institute of Making Zoe Laughlin of UCL’s Institute of Making has a new podcast, Things That Make Us. Following the model of Desert Island Discs, each week, Laughlin interviews…

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Care on Display

Haidy Geismar , June 16th, 2016

Via Gabriela Nicolescu, Goldsmiths College Thursday 23 June 2016 06:30pm – 08:30pm, Film screening and discussion Care on Display Care on Display brings together documentary and artistic fi…

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Broken Stories

Haidy Geismar , May 31st, 2016

Adam Drazin, UCL Anthropology How, when and why do people start to see something as”broken”? Do objects around the home just have two states, broken and working, or…

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Austerity Bites: Food Stories from Lewisham

Haidy Geismar , May 23rd, 2016

Via Gabriela Nicolescu, Goldsmiths Exhibition organised by the Goldsmith’sDepartment of Anthropology Venue: Weston Atrium, Stuart Hall Building, Goldsmiths Private View: 24th May, 17.30  Dates: …

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The Absent Stone

Haidy Geismar , March 1st, 2016

Via Sandra Rozental, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Cuajimalpa, Mexico City The Absent Stone (2013) is a documentary film that combines contemporary ethnographic filmmaking, animation and a wide …

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The Anti-Camera

Haidy Geismar , January 21st, 2016

Christopher Pinney, UCL Anthropology I recently came across M.N. Srinivas’ observation that his enthusiastic engagement with photography, during his fieldwork in Mysore in the late 1940s, earned him…

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The Story of Seething & being a little bit Stupid

Haidy Geismar , September 18th, 2015

David Jeevendrampillai, UCL Anthropology Image 1: The Story of Seething Exhibition. Jan – May 2015. UCL Anthropology (Photo Credit: Timothy Carroll). UCL promotes itself as a leading global…

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Landmarks: a review

Haidy Geismar , May 6th, 2015

Christopher Tilley, Department of Anthropology, University College London (c.tilley@ucl.ac.uk)   Robert Macfarlane Landmarks (2015) London: Hamish Hamilton, 387pp. £20.00 rrp This is the fifth bo…

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