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Why Poetry + Anthropology?

[no-caption] Kim Herbst When a barbed-wire de facto border lights up but throbs with blood, when a lynching memorial veins into memories …


The Fish Trap

An equatorial moon arcs above the Upper Rio Negro region of Brazil. Glenn H. Shepard Jr. The U.S. poet-physician William Carlos Williams …


How Did Belief Evolve?

The Egyptians began constructing Karnak temple around 4,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence suggests large-scale religions arose throughout the world by 4,000 to …


Is Artificial Intelligence Magic?

Artificial intelligence can perform feats that seem like sorcery. AI can drive cars and fly drones. It can compose original music, write …


Are Colors Universal?

[no-caption] Marcel Hirshegger/SAPIENS Remember the meme #TheDress? Was it white and gold, or blue and black? With the help of Nicola Jones, …


Notes on a Postcard

The exhibition The World Exists To Be Put on A Postcard has been running at the British Museum throughout the summer. It …