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Nonconformity and Resistance in Mahabad with Focusing on Cultur

Kameel ahmady , January 20th, 2022

Nonconformity and Resistance in Mahabad with Focusing on Cultural, Social, and Gender Aspects (Culture, Protesting Views and Analysis of Youth in Iranian Kurdistan)  By: Kameel Ahmady Kameel.ahmady@gm…

→Kameel Ahmady

From Border to Border

Kameel ahmady , October 27th, 2021

From Border to Border Comprehensive research study on identity and ethnicity in Iran By: Kameel Ahmady A word to the readers This is summary of a comprehensive reasrch…

→Kameel Ahmady

Sounds Inside

Denielle Elliott , September 1st, 2016

Tom Rice 2016 Sounds Inside: Prison, Prisoners, and Acoustical Agency for those interested in Acoustic Ethnography.  http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/Us5DXDeKKCCCfNgJqDtw/full

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Writers on Writing

Denielle Elliott , June 6th, 2016

Anand Pandian speaks about the creative processes involved in writing in a dialogue with Thomas Yarrow in this new paper in the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. …

→Centre for Imaginative Ethnography

Do you have a mobile?

CIE co-curator , September 10th, 2015

An article by Daniela Kraemer, “Do you have a mobile? Mobile phone practices and the refashioning of social relationships in Port Vila Town,” just published in the Australian…

→Centre for Imaginative Ethnography

Border Theatre and Security Spectacles by James P. Walsh

CIE co-curator , August 30th, 2015

In his article “Border Theatre”, James P. Walsh discusses the ways in which media spectacles apotheosize governments, reinforce the status quo, and construct border enforcement as unavoidable and…

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