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Craft fatigue / Artisanal exhaustion?

Grant , February 15th, 2018

One of the things we are watching at Culturematic HQ is whether the artisanal theme is beginning to run out of steam. Leo Burnett London offers us this…

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The Artisanal Economies Project, entry # 2: The Peacefield Farms interview

Grant , April 28th, 2017

This is a clip of an interview of Kaelin Vernon of “Peacefield Farms” with Sam Ford, Grant McCracken and Josh Poling acting as interviewers. The interview was conducted…

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The Artisanal Economies, Entry # 1: the Sofi interview

Grant , April 21st, 2017

Yesterday, walking to see friends in Boston’s South End, I stumbled across Olives and Grace I am working on a project called The Artisanal Economies. So I had…

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Creator brands: Brands that make culture

Grant , May 16th, 2016

At their most powerful, brands actually make culture. Creator brands, let’s call them. Nike changed the way we thought about exercise, fitness, bodies and diet in the 1970s…

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