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Naked Anthropologist News for Radio Ava: Jan 2020

laura agustin , January 12th, 2020

Since last spring I’ve been providing Naked Anthropologist News to Radio Ava, a sexworker project in London. Something between tweeting and blogging, these news-bits are meant to be…

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Migrant sex worker in a Thai brothel: Le Carré’s The Secret Pilgrim

laura agustin , October 25th, 2018

I collect well-styled and informative descriptions of sex-industry settings in novels, here John le Carré’s 1990 The Secret Pilgrim. Fiction can transmit far more of the atmosphere and…

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Grid girls and the Presidents Club: Women and sexist jobs

laura agustin , April 12th, 2018

In 1995, my friend’s 17-year-old daughter Ermina was looking for work in Santiago, Chile. The obvious job available to her was posing in a short skirt beside cars…

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Xiaojie: no sexworker identity

laura agustin , December 11th, 2017

I know many folks who relate to the idea of sex work as one of their jobs and to sexworker as one of their identities. But I have…

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Sex work in fiction: Gorky Park, Moscow prostitution doesn’t exist

laura agustin , November 3rd, 2017

Militia detectives are at Kazansky Station in Komsomol Square, in Martin Cruz Smith’s novel Gorky Park. Cartier-Bresson’s 1954 photo shows the station at the left and surrounding traffic. …

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