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Michael Prentice on his book, Supercorporate

| , June 14th, 2022

Interview by Katherine Chen https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=31761 Katherine Chen: Your book Supercorporate, an ethnography of a multi-conglomerate steel company that you call Sangdo, ar…

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Melissa Caldwell on her book, Living Faithfully in an Unjust World

| , June 13th, 2022

Interview by Natalja Czarnecki https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520285842/living-faithfully-in-an-unjust-world Natalja Czarnecki: You write that inter-faith food aid organizations occupy a …

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Q and A with Professor Diane Enns on Thinking Through Loneliness

Rose Deller , June 13th, 2022

13-17 June 2022 is Loneliness Awareness Week in the UK. We speak to Professor Diane Enns about her new book, Thinking Through Loneliness, touching on topics such as…

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Emily Contois and Zenia Kish discuss their edited volume, Food Instagram

| , June 8th, 2022

https://www.press.uillinois.edu/books/?id=58mye9fd9780252044465 Until recently, if you perused the scholarship on Instagram, the app might have appeared to be a relatively benign, homogenous stepc…

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Charles Briggs on his book, Unlearning

| , June 6th, 2022

Interview by Ilana Gershon https://upcolorado.com/utah-state-university-press/item/3998-unlearning Ilana Gershon: This book is a generous and intricate homage to your mentors and those who …

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Florian Jaton on his book, The Constitution of Algorithms

| , May 23rd, 2022

Interview by Ilana Gershon https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/constitution-algorithms Ilana Gershon: This book is about the formation processes of algorithms.  What, for you, was the socio…

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Noelle Molé Liston on her book, The Truth Society

| , May 16th, 2022

Interview by Jonah Rubin https://www.cornellpress.cornell.edu/book/9781501750793/the-truth-society/ Jonah Rubin: So much has been written about what media literacy scholars have termed our …

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Sarah Hillewaert on her book, Morality on the Margins

| , May 2nd, 2022

Interview by Kamala Russell Morality at the Margins: Youth, Language, and Islam in Coastal Kenya Interview by Kamala Russell Morality at the Margins: Youth, Language, and Islam in…

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Narges Bajoghli on her book, Iran Reframed

| , April 25th, 2022

Interviewed by Zehra Hashmi https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=29666 Zehra Hashmi: The storytelling and narrative flow of this ethnography works beautifully, and seemingly effortlessly, a…

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Natalia Knoblock on her book, Language of Conflict

| , April 11th, 2022

Interview by Sofiya Asher https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/language-of-conflict-9781350098626/ Sofiya Asher: What inspired this particular book? Natalia Knoblock: What inspired this book? T…

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Siv Lie on her book, Django Generations

| , April 4th, 2022

www.djangogen.com https://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/D/bo114656860.html Interview by Lynn M. Hooker Lynn Hooker: First, beginning with the title, your book uses a variety …

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Aurora Donzelli on her book, One or Two Words

| , March 28th, 2022

Interview by Nicco La Mattina https://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/distributed/O/bo68162961.html Nicco La Mattina: A principle theme running throughout One or Two Words is th…

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Beth Povinelli on her book, The Inheritance

| , March 21st, 2022

Interview by Randeep Hothi https://www.dukeupress.edu/the-inheritance Randeep Hothi: The Inheritance is about many things — inter alia, your family’s migration to the US, your two parents a…

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Anna Marie Trester on her book, Employing Linguistics

| , March 10th, 2022

Interview by Ilana Gershon https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/employing-linguistics-9781350137950/ Ilana Gershon: In writing a book about how linguists get jobs outside of the academy, what kind…

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Danko Šipka on his book, Lexical Layers of Identity

| , March 7th, 2022

Author Interview by Nikolina Zenovic Nikolina Zenovic: You have written extensively on lexicography, lexicology, and lexical conflict, particularly in the context of Slavic languages. How does…

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Bonnie Urciuoli reflects on her new co-edited volume, The Spanish Language in the United States

| , March 4th, 2022

https://www.routledge.com/The-Spanish-Language-in-the-United-States-Rootedness-Racialization-and/Cobas-Urciuoli-Feagin-Delgado/p/book/9781032190556 The Spanish Language in the United States: R…

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Mark Sicoli on his book, Saying and Doing in Zapotec

| , February 28th, 2022

Interview by Grace East https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/saying-and-doing-in-zapotec-9781350142169/ Grace East: Your book takes us on an immersive journey through the complex and varied social…

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Juan del Nido on his book, Taxis vs. Uber

| , February 21st, 2022

Interview by Diego Valdivieso https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=31529 Diego Valdivieso:  For those who have not had the opportunity to read your book and have a glimpse of the viciss…

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Noah Aromand on his book, Fixing Stories

| , February 17th, 2022

Interview by Susan Seizer https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/fixing-stories/3A0E3C4880CBDC00252AEC4EBE11B9E2 Susan Seizer: Please briefly explain your choice of the term “fixers” and desc…

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David Sutton on his book, Bigger Fish to Fry

| , February 14th, 2022

Interview by Ariana Gunderson https://www.berghahnbooks.com/title/SuttonBigger Ariana Gunderson: You write that “cooking involves a code and its instantiations,” (Sutton 2021, 15). Do you c…

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Julia Ticona on her book, Left to Our Own Devices

| , January 19th, 2022

https://global.oup.com/academic/product/left-to-our-own-devices-9780190691288 Ilana Gershon: If you found yourself talking to a voice actor in a coffee shop about your book, how would you expl…

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Ana Croegaert on her book, Bosnian Refugees in Chicago

| , January 17th, 2022

Interview by Dejan Duric https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781793623065/Bosnian-Refugees-in-Chicago-Gender-Performance-and-Post-War-Economies Dejan Duric: Your book sheds light on the many ways in w…

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Ori Schwarz on his book, Sociological Theory for Digital Society

| , January 3rd, 2022

https://www.wiley.com/en-us/Sociological+Theory+for+Digital+Society%3A+The+Codes+that+Bind+Us+Together-p-9781509542963 Interview by: Dan M. Kotliar Dan Kotliar: There is something very conv…

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Tamar Katriel on her book, Defiant Discourse

| , December 27th, 2021

Interview by Irit Dekel Irit Dekel: Your recent book Defiant Discourse helps readers understand the relations between speech and action, revisiting important questions concerning the performat…

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