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Divided Collectives. Identity and Its Discontents in Samir’s Baghdad In My Shadow

Rafaël Newman , November 20th, 2019

A progressive “identity politics” pursued in the name of resistance to nationalist retrenchment depends on the mobilization of various disparate “collective identities” around a common aim. But what…

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Pray for All

Alexandra Lara , November 15th, 2015

Three days ago, a massive terrorist attack took place in various locations in Paris, France. About 130 were killed and roughly 350 were injured. The entire world had…

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The Disintegration of Iraq Has Begun–William O. Beeman–New America Media

William Beeman , June 13th, 2014

http://newamericamedia.org/2014/06/the-disintegration-of-iraq-has-begun.php The Disintegration of Iraq Has Begun New America Media, News Analysis, Wi…

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