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Article: “A Survey of Contemporary Bai Craft Practices in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, China” in Museum Anthropology Review 16(1-2)

Jason Baird Jackson , November 14th, 2022

I am very happy to note a new co-authored article titled “A Survey of Contemporary Bai Craft Practices in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, China.” It was…

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Article: “Basketry among Two Peoples of Northern Guangxi, China” in Asian Ethnology 81(1-2)

Jason Baird Jackson , November 13th, 2022

I am very happy to note the publication of “Basketry among Two Peoples of Northern Guangxi, China” in the latest double issue of Asian Ethnology. This article is…

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Bamboo Basket Hampers Used by Tobacco Farmers in Nanhua County, Yunnan, China

Jason Baird Jackson , November 5th, 2020

While doing background work on FEI Xiaotong and ZHANG Zhiyi’s studies of the basketry industry(*) in Yunnan, China, my colleague W. discovered this webpage with a pair of…

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A Pack Basket Among the Lisu in Yunnan, 2004

Jason Baird Jackson , October 19th, 2020

If you click here, you will be taken to a Getty Images photograph by Zhang Peng/Light Rocket. The image shows a Lisu woman on her way to a…

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#AFSAM19: Material Culture and Heritage Studies in Northern Guangxi, China

Jason Baird Jackson , October 26th, 2019

A title slide showing key project sites in the Dong areas of Guangxi and Guizhou. Shreds and Patches has been quieter than usual as I work my way…

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A Cooperative Craft Survey in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Part 1

Jason Baird Jackson , July 29th, 2019

A note on photographs. Here just a few photographs from the first day of our May 2019 travel in Yunnan are presented. It will take time to work…

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Material Culture Journalism, 4

Jason Baird Jackson , December 23rd, 2018

“Five Siblings Run the U.S.’s Only Baijiu Distillery in Their Mom’s Backyard” by Anne Ewbank in Atlas Obscura. (HT/TL) #foodways “Chanel Shoes, but no Salary: How One Woman…

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Some Writings: Summer 2018

Jason Baird Jackson , August 19th, 2018

Some (smaller) writings from summer. Jason Baird Jackson (2018) “Community-Based Open Access, Fast and Slow.” Allegra Lab. June 20, 2018. http://allegralaboratory.net/community-based-open…

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A Gallery Talk at Sam Noble Museum in Conjunction with the Putting Baskets to Work in Southwest China Exhibition

Jason Baird Jackson , June 20th, 2018

I will be doing a gallery talk at the Sam Noble Museum on Sunday, June 24 at 2:00 pm in the Higginbotham Gallery, which is where the exhibition…

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Fieldwork: Highlights from the Basketry and Architecture Group

Jason Baird Jackson , February 13th, 2018

I have been delayed in finishing up the series on the December 2017 trip to China that colleagues and I undertook. I am happy to return to the…

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Fieldwork: Introduction (12/13-18)

Jason Baird Jackson , January 27th, 2018

Skip ahead six paragraphs (bypass those marked with an hash mark #) if you want to go straight to the start of the fieldwork stories. If you would…

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Guest Post: An Encounter with Basket Traditions in Zanzibar City

Jason Baird Jackson , August 26th, 2017

I am very happy to here share a guest post by Kurt Dewhurst and Marsha MacDowell of the Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan, USA. Traditions of handmade, woven…

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A Southwest Central Indiana Collaboration: The Art with a Purpose Exhibition at the Brown County Art Gallery

Jason Baird Jackson , August 6th, 2017

This afternoon the Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville, opened the exhibition Art with a Purpose: Brown County Baskets. The exhibition is a homecoming, of sorts, because it…

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Some Baskets at Work in Zanzibar

Jason Baird Jackson , July 25th, 2017

Marsha MacDowell and Kurt Dewhurst kindly shared these photographs of work baskets in Zanzibar. The images were taken while they were visiting Tanzania as part of a large…

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A Mon Carrying Basket from Myanmar

Jason Baird Jackson , July 23rd, 2017

Between November 1963 and August 1964, William C. Sturtevant and Theda Maw Sturtevant pursued ethnographic field research in Burma (now Myanmar) with support from the (U.S.) National Science…

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A Dyak Carrying Basket

Jason Baird Jackson , July 22nd, 2017

The Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution holds a large ethnographic collection from Maritime Southeast Asia. This Dyak basket was collected not long …

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A Japanese Packbasket

Jason Baird Jackson , July 22nd, 2017

Here I present another of the Asian packbaskets that I examined in the ethnology collections of the Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. (See…

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An Ifugao Packbasket from Northern Luzon, Philippines

Jason Baird Jackson , July 21st, 2017

In connection with ongoing research on work baskets in the Southwestern provinces of China, I spent some time during the Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology looking comparatively at…

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The Basketry of Blaise Cayol: A Mathers Museum Connection to Southern France on the Occasion of the Indiana University Visit to Marseille

Jason Baird Jackson , May 19th, 2017

Indiana University has connections and partnerships all around the world. This week, special attention is being directed to Spain and France, where IU President Michael M. McRobbie is…

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Two Euchee (Yuchi) Baskets in the Collections of the Philbrook Museum of Art

Jason Baird Jackson , June 24th, 2016

The basketry traditions of the Native South have experienced divergent histories from a common regional tradition of work basketry. Among the North Carolina Cherokee, for instance, the indigenous…

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Basketmaker Viki Graber on The Weekly Special

Jason Baird Jackson , June 12th, 2016

Last year, the Mathers Museum of World Cultures presented the exhibition Willow Work: Viki Graber, Basketmaker to great success. Happily we are staying connected with Viki in many…

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