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Covid-19, Fatness, and Risk: Medico-Media Discourses and Stigma

Tina Sikka , January 26th, 2021

European Network for Workplace Health Promotion Contemporary English speaking media and popular medical discourses on Covid-19 have been notable in their stigmatization of fatness by implicitly and ex…


“Un-fixing” hormones: searching for the multiple in hormonal selves

Lisa Raeder , October 6th, 2020

What are hormones? While biomedical notions of hormones focus on their biological functions in bodies, hormones are also cultural artifacts, shaping understandings of health, normalcy, and what it…


App-ography: A critical perspective on medical and health apps

Deborah Lupton , September 23rd, 2014

All My Apps by alf eaton + Anatomical Position by Connexions I have been thinking and writing about mobile apps recently and how they are used for medical…

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