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Digging for Birds

Anthropology365 , August 3rd, 2022

My partner and I bought a house in 2019 and moved to San Antonio, TX, in service of my pursuit of a Ph.D. in anthropology. One thing that…

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Counting on Montane Birds: Biologists, Verticality, and Territorial Defense in Colombia

Ángela Castillo-Ardila , August 2nd, 2022

This piece is about the unforeseen and sometimes overlooked connection between (i) birds living in the forests of Colombia’s high tropical Andes, (ii) local biologists supporting an anti-mining…


Making a Multispecies Community: A Personal Journey

Anthropology365 , June 3rd, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, my partner and I have worked to transform our San Antonio, TX backyard to a wildlife-friendly space. It began with a small…

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Big Bend: Narratives of Isolation

Anthropology365 , March 17th, 2020

“Splendid Isolation, the Big Bend…” is how the National Parks Services introduces Big Bend National Park on its website. My partner and I recently took a several day…

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Coming to Our Senses

Gamwell , November 27th, 2017

In this Conversations episode of This Anthro Life, Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins explore the subject of sensory ethnography –  a focus in anthropology that tends to deemphasize…

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