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Jaime A Alves: F*ck the Police! Murderous cops, the myth of police fragility and the case for an insurgent anthropology

focaal_admin , April 27th, 2021

‘Blue lives matter,’ says the mantra of police fragility. The mythology about defenseless officers being hunted and killed by criminals is indeed a powerful one, mobilized by right-wing…


Die italienische Ausnahme. Cristoforo Colombo in Genua

Claus Leggewie , October 28th, 2020

Am 12. Oktober, dem „Kolumbus-Tag“, war es in Genua ruhig. Niemand hat die Statue des Genueser Seefahrers angegriffen, Diskussionen über seine Rolle als Erzkolonialist gab es – anders…

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The Montanelli Case: Sexuality, Race, and Colonial Forgetting in BLM Italy.

Diego Maria Malara , October 26th, 2020

Indro Montanelli (1909-2001), the most famous journalist in Italian history, is an intellectual figure whose memory commands respect across Italy’s political spectrum. But, following the global protes…


Noen tanker om rasisme og dagens situasjon

Natalie Langaas , June 16th, 2020

Skjermbilde fra Black Liberation (aka Silent Movement) (1967) Det er nå 3 måneder siden Norge og mesteparten av vesten ble truffet av koronaepedemien. Norge har taklet viruset relativt…

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