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Land, Property, Technology: Exploring Blockchain as Infrastructural Promise

Daivi Rodima-Taylor , May 18th, 2021

A view from the Rift Valley escarpment, illustrating a landscape that far exceeds official registries. Photo by author. In my work, I explore the ways in which blockchain…


Blockchain Reactions: The peril and promise of techno-governance for stateless Rohingya

Elliott Prasse-Freeman , July 30th, 2019

While Myanmar’s recent ethnic cleansing of its Rohingya minority, which saw 800,000 people driven into Bangladesh, has brought the community’s oppression to the world’s attention, it has also…


Encoding Value: What is cryptocurrency, and what does it mean for society?

The Familiar Strange , October 3rd, 2018

Author: Stephanie Betz, PhD candidate at the Australian National University and a digital anthropologist researching the intersections between people and technology.  Her doctoral research is an ethno…

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User as a Currency

Marek Tobota , September 12th, 2018

Both internet users and market regulators are becoming more concerned about who uses personal data and how. The recent events involving Cambridge Analytica have helped to raise the…

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