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Book Review: Played Out – Difference and Repetition in Classic Board Games

Alissa Whitmore , July 14th, 2022

By Samuel Gerald Collins Patkin, Terri Toles (2021). Who’s in the Game? Identity and Intersectionality in Classic Board Games. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland.  After taking…

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“Capitalism is So Much Easier!” Learning Savings through Playing a Board Game

Nick Mizer , January 26th, 2018

By Farah Qureshi and the IMTFI/Loy Loy Team at UC Irvine Loy Loy: The Savings Game in Washington D.C.!  Julia had been waiting until the last round to…

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Blood Bowl: The Other Fantasy Football, Part 3: Chainsaws and Steamrollers

Benedict Singleton , June 30th, 2017

Editorial Note: This is the final part of a series on Blood Bowl. Part 1 offers a general background on the game, and Part 2 discusses the sociality…

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Blood bowl: The Other Fantasy Football, Part 1: Warming Up

Benedict Singleton , June 2nd, 2017

Editorial Note: This article will be released in three parts over the course of the next month. Stay tuned. Shouts ring out around one of the main halls…

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