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The Neanderthal Diet—From Teeth to Guts

Anna Goldfield , August 9th, 2019

One of the more tenacious misconceptions about Neanderthals is that they were exclusively meat eaters. Sure, in some of the colder regions of Europe plant food would have…


Gun Violence Harms, Even if You’ve Never Been Shot

Emily Yates-Doerr , August 1st, 2019

Shoes representing the estimated 7,000 U.S. children who were killed by gun violence since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting cover the Capitol lawn in 2018. Saul…


The Neanderthal Arm—Hints About Handedness

Anna Goldfield , July 11th, 2019

The human body is often visualized as a symmetrical form: Picture the geometric precision of Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic drawing of a man’s proportions encased by a circle…


The Neanderthal Arm—Hints About Handedness

Anna Goldfield , July 11th, 2019

The human body is often visualized as a symmetrical form: Picture the geometric precision of Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic drawing of a man’s proportions encased by a circle…


Witnessing an Endangered Puberty Ritual

Anna Luisa Daigneault , July 2nd, 2019

Yanesha’ women and girls participate in a right-of-passage ritual called ponapnora in the remote community of Puellas Yuncullmas. Anna Luisa Daigneault It was before dawn. I lay curled…


A Head-to-Toe Tour of the Neanderthal

Anna Goldfield , April 5th, 2019

In 1856, a scattered collection of bones was found in the Feldhofer Cave of the Neander Valley in Germany. Scientists had never seen anything like it. The skull…


How the Samoan Tattoo Survived Colonialism

Amber Dance , April 4th, 2019

In Samoan communities, men traditionally receive a pe’a tattoo from mid-torso to knees as a marker of maturity. Sandra Mu/Getty Images In the 1800s, a chief in the…


How Traditional Knowledge Opens Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

Jane Palmer , March 22nd, 2019

A natural pharmacist at a complementary medicine clinic in Trujillo, Peru, displays a plant tincture. Jane Palmer Under the clear, moonlit sky of Friday, July 13, 2018, Elide…


A New Generation is Reviving Indigenous Tattooing

Joshua Rapp Learn , March 13th, 2019

Nahaan, a Tlingit-Inupiaq-Paiute tattoo artist, inks a woman’s face. Nahaan To celebrate her graduation from the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Alaska Native Studies program in 2012, Mar…


The Pussyhat’s Identity Crisis

Jamie E. Shenton , January 17th, 2019

January 2019 marks the second anniversary of the Women’s March—a protest that arose in response to then U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” and to the…


Fat Gets No Respect (But That Should Change)

Daniel Salas , January 9th, 2019

Every human has it. But nearly every human society sees it differently. Fat. What purpose does it serve? In this video, a collaboration between SAPIENS and Aeon, anthropological…


For One Forensic Anthropologist, Resilience Is Bone Deep

Anna Goldfield , December 6th, 2018

Jonathan Bethard’s life is anything but dull. He analyzes human remains to determine people’s identities, understand their lifeways, and figure out how they died. And while his work…


Secrets Hidden in Ancient Teeth

Tanya M. Smith , December 5th, 2018

Fossilized tooth crowns hold lots of information about past climates and life events. Tanya M. Smith This article was originally published at The Conversation and has been republished under Creative…


BONUS: What Carl Zimmer Learned About DNA, Identity, and Heredity

Daniel Salas , November 14th, 2018

Surprise! As a special holiday treat, the SAPIENS team is presenting this unedited conversation between SAPIENS host Chip Colwell and acclaimed science journalist Carl Zimmer about DNA, identity,…


What Our Skeletons Say About the Sex Binary

Alexandra Kralick , November 9th, 2018

Stanislawa Walasiewicz won the gold for Poland in the women’s 100-meter dash at the 1932 Olympic Games. Upon her death, an autopsy revealed that she had intersex traits….


George, the dog by Emily Yates-Doerr

Emily Yates-Doerr , September 24th, 2018

Babe, my grandpa, was born on the kitchen tiles of a small Seattle home. His dad, whose own grandpa had run a seedy downtown brothel, would disappear and…


The Myth of Badass Sperm

Robert D. Martin , September 20th, 2018

This scanning electron micrograph (SEM) shows healthy spermatozoa emerging from a cavity within the testis. Innerspace Imaging/Getty Images This article was originally published at Aeon. …


Erin Yerby take the page 99 test on her dissertation

| , August 27th, 2018

On page 99:  “Spiritualism troubles the separation between here and there: as modern, western and mostly ‘white,’ but also because Spiritualists inhabit the problematic prejudices of modernity as…

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Did Ancient People Die Young?

Christine Cave , August 17th, 2018

Edward the Confessor, one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England, died when he was in his early 60s. This illustration depicts the deposition of his body in…


Is Your DNA You?

Daniel Salas , August 14th, 2018

[no-caption] David Williams/SAPIENS What does your DNA have to do with who you are? On a journey for answers, SAPIENS hosts Chip Colwell, Jen Shannon, and Esteban Gómez…


When Doctors Don’t Listen

Aaron J. Jackson , June 13th, 2018

[no-caption] Michelle Jones/SAPIENS It’s been almost a year since I tried to kill myself. As a doctoral student living in the leafy suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts, in 2015,…


How Natural Birth Became Inaccessible to the Poor

Rosalynn A. Vega , April 6th, 2018

[no-caption] Michelle Jones/SAPIENS Pilar* gave birth in a private, “humanized” hospital in Mexico City that takes a holistic approach to health and combines world-class medicine with the…


The Weird, Wild World of Mortuary Customs

Stephen E. Nash , March 8th, 2018

A couple of months ago, I attended the funeral of a friend. Howard was almost 90 years old when he died, and not only did he live longer…


When It Comes to Love, Is Three (or More) a Crowd?

William Jankowiak , February 14th, 2018

Even today, performances of Romeo and Juliet move audiences for how the couple’s ardent love imperiled them. Robbie Jack/Getty Images Passionate love is a dangerous thing, or so…