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From Things and Stuff to Radically Optimist Multi-Modal Platform

Felix Girke , November 17th, 2021

On May 20, 2021, Felix Girke, a member of our editorial collective, gave a presentation in the framework of the workshop “Multimodal Digital Publishing” hosted by the Working…


Smartphones “In-Between” or: What Do Smartphones Have in Common With Doors?*

digitalethnography , December 22nd, 2020

Suzana Jovicic Credits: Thomas Sobottka It is Friday night in a youth centre on the outskirts of Vienna; the lights are dim, and loud local Rap music is…

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REDUX: Boredom at #EASA2014

Allegra , July 29th, 2020

Originally published on February 6, 2015. On August 2nd, 2014, Allegra ran a panel titled ‘Boredom, Intimacy and Governance in ‘Normalized’ Times of Crisis’ at the EASA 2014…


Tackling Timelessness

Dori Beeler , November 29th, 2018

Timelessness is cruel because it is dehumanizing. As a mad anthropologist who researches madness, I have spent considerable time tackling timelessness. Timelessness is the name I have given…

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Anthropology Is Boring: Bring Other Books

Simon Theobald , April 4th, 2018

I was determined to make sure that I was never bored during my fieldwork. Vibrant informants and constant social interaction were to be the key to my successful…

→The Familiar Strange

The Space of Boredom – A conversation with Bruce O’Neill

Anne Marie Thornburg , April 3rd, 2018

The Space of Boredom takes us to spaces on the edge of new global orders, focusing on the lives and practices of homeless men and women left behind…


Flatulanthropology #BODY

Jon P. Mitchell , April 22nd, 2016

When Jon was a PhD student at Edinburgh University in the early 1990s, there was a running joke about the possibility of developing a project on ethnoscatology –…


Moments when ‘things happen’: BOREDOM – REDUX!

Allegra , April 19th, 2016

  To set this week in motion we revisit a theme that we seem unable to escape: boredom. Whether at academic conferences or the elaborate corridors of international…


New Allegra week: #Boredom, Laughter – and a few farts!

Allegra , April 18th, 2016

And what do you know – it is AGAIN time for a new Allegra week! Where does the time go, despite of our determination to chew our intellectual…


REDUX: Scenes of #Gentrification

Antu Sorainen , February 23rd, 2016

Scene One: London Soho and Bloomsbury I used to love London for its Indian and Thai vegan restaurants, vibrant queer cafes, independent bookstores, second hand antiquaries, esoteric health…


REDUX: From Crisis to the University of Utopia aka MURI!

Allegra , February 12th, 2016

We conclude this dark thematic week on University Crisis with our insistence to be also ‘tongue in cheek’. We remind both ourselves and others: when policy making is…


REDUX: Boredom and the “Life Unlived” – Sapiens-Allegra Writing Competition!

Bruce O'Neill , February 4th, 2016

Most of our devoted Allies will remember that we started this year with a bang, aka by launching the SAPIENS-Allegra writing competition to discover new public anthropologists. For…


Boredom as a practice

eli , May 5th, 2015

I was reading through my field notebooks lately and I came across a little ethnographic snippet of description. It is a description of a male French student sitting in a…