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10 questions for world builder Gerry Flahive

Grant , May 11th, 2018

10 Questions for Gerry Flahive Gerry Flahive is the creator of a fictional character, Bert Xanadu. And Bert Xanadu is man who was the Mayor of Toronto in…

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How to save luxury brands (and American capitalism)

Grant , September 15th, 2016

Elizabeth Segran has a nice essay in Fast Company: The Decline Of Premium American Fashion Brands. What Happened, Ralph And Tommy? As a teen, Segran admired ads by Ralph…

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Bud Caddell

Grant , February 22nd, 2016

Whenever I have the chance to talk to Bud Caddell, I take it. This’s because while I know the future is badly distributed (in Gibson’s famous phrase), I fervently…

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Secrets of digital celebrity: how to get famous the easy way

Grant , February 17th, 2015

When Guy Kawasaki was asked how to get internet famous, he had discouraging news. There is no easy answer, he seemed to say.  You have to follow thousands…

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